You want to grow as an anime content creator, right?

You want more people, reading your blog, viewing your videos, subscribing to your Patreon?

Fair enough, it’s not like it’s bad to desire that.

But you’re missing something essential.

People won’t ever continuously reach out to know you, hear from you, understand you, follow you, or engage with you because of one simple flaw:

                     Your target isn’t small enough.

Seems counter-intuitive doesn’t it? It isn’t.

Building an audience online should be born the same way it is offline: from person-to-person.

First, define who you are

For example, you wouldn’t run into a movie theatre and yell, “I’ve got a wonderful review!” and expect a positive response would you?

None of these people know you, none of them understand you, and none of them have engaged with you before.

None of them would respond.

You have to define your own core values, what you stand for, who you are as a person and content creator … and speak from that voice.

Then, define your core target

Very few content creators in the anime community ever actually hit home on this aspect.

Yes, even the big ones.

This is why you can see a lot of larger ani-creatives with sizable subscriber bases but terrible engagement in context to that.

It’s easy to just “make content” purely for yourself (because you actually want to speak on a topic) or sadly for views (because you want the impressions) .

The issue is, neither of those options take into account what the audience wants.

Ani-creatives that have received a healthy degree of success often assume that their audience is just there to consume whatever they produce.

“Logically, if they’re subscribed they must already enjoy what I make, right? So why not continue to do what I’ve been doing?”

This mindset is fairly common and often leads to a lack of adaptation and neglect when it comes to understanding their core target’s wants and needs.

Couple that with an already foggy comprehension of viewership, and you’re already set up for an awful cocktail of stagnation and regression.

So please understand and pay attention to your audience and ultimately, who you want to connect with. Not just initially, but how they react as time spills on. Never just take them for granted and figure you can produce “anything” without considering their role.

Now, let them spread the word

The share is the motive.

You don’t get to 1 million subscribers by targeting 1 million people, you get 1 million subscribers by targeting a small percent of people who will spread the word once they’ve resonated with your content.

You have to have an audience that will share first and foremost. If you target everybody your chances of reaching anybody are limited at best.

With exclusivity comes engagement, with engagement comes adoption, and with adoption comes growth.

The most blatant example of ths is Facebook.

People see Facebook’s billion+ users and are convinced that, “I have to target a huge audience to get that much traction!” (Let me let you in on a secret: there is no possible way to target 1 billion people, ever, with any precision.)

When it started, Facebook targeted one school — granted, it was a very large school. But it all started with just one email list, to a group that was known to engage in content of this sort. It caught on like wildfire because of the deep engagement that it had with that tight-knit group.

Now we use Facebook as social proof, liking brands that our friends like; and that’s essentially how Facebook itself started – engaging in things that our friends were engaging in.

Are you struggling to get traction?

Are you dissatisfied with your progress attracting visitors to your blog, subscribers to your Patreon, or whatever else it may be?

Your target isn’t small enough … so make your target smaller.

Tighten your scope, find your tight-knit group.

And reach more in the long run rather than stall when your momentum catches up to you.



2 thoughts to “The Simple Truth Ani-Creatives Forget When Trying to Grow

  • RemyFool

    Once again you’ve gotten me to think and reassess things. And I love it. Ani-creatives can’t grow content and complacent!

    Great piece, Prattle!

    • Prattle

      Then I did good today and my job is complete. I can now retreat to my bed knowing someone got something good out of this


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