We’ve all had those moments when we’ve felt like we’re taking two steps back, instead of one step forward.

For example: you might find that you’ve been loyal to reviewing an anime for weeks, and suddenly, you don’t want to review it. You can review, you love to review, but you just don’t want to. So you avoid it. You procrastinate.

Or you stop putting in the same amount of effort into your pieces that you once did. Nowadays, you’re struggling so much that you can’t help but ask yourself:

“How did this happen? I used to be so great at all of this! Now why does it feel like I’m at ‘square one’ all over again? What’s happening?”

Answer:  You’re regressing.

Regression is probably one of the most frustrating roadblocks in the anime reviewing process, because no one wants to feel as if they haven’t made any progress.

You see, your inner saboteur loves to use your moment of regression as undeniable proof that He was right all along:  you put yourself out there by making this review on  –something He warned you not to do–and now you’re hurting from it.

You’re crawling back to Him on your hands and knees, and all He does is pat you on your head and say:

“I told you so.”

Then your inner saboteur starts to rattle off His old, worn-out ideas that you’ve heard a million times before–ideas that you already know are bad for you, but for some reason they’re starting to sound good again. Bad ideas like:

“Close yourself off. Give up, because it’s just gonna hurt you in the end. You won’t succeed, so take the easy way out. Stop reviewing anime because it’ll never amount to anything.”

Now, I know these ideas may sound enticing to you right now, but you gotta stay strong. You can’t let your inner saboteur win.

His ideas may sound nice, but that’s only because these ideas are comfortable to you, they’re familiar. But remember: they are still bad ideas.

They haven’t worked for you in the past, and they won’t work for you now.

If you feel like you’re regressing, your first job is to remember who your inner saboteur is and what He is after. Your inner saboteur is that inner voice that says He’s looking after you, but is really only setting you up for failure. How does he set you up to fail? By making sure you don’t even try in the first place. What a jerk, huh?

You need to remember that your inner saboteur is not your friend, and He never was. He’s part of your old self now. The problem is that since He knew how to push your buttons before, He’ll know how to push your buttons again. And again. And again. And again.

In fact, your inner saboteur will become more relentless than ever, now that you’ve made significant progress in your ability to review anime. It’ll be almost as if your inner saboteur is fighting for His life–and in fact, He is.

That’s why the first point to beating anime reviewing regression is to:

1. Get It Through Your Mind That What You’ve Been Doing IS Working

Why else would your inner saboteur be so relentless these days? He senses that His number is up. Now that a new you is emerging, the old you is dying, and your inner saboteur does NOT want to die with it.

He won’t have that. He’s been stuck to you for so long that He’s not gonna just bow down without a fight.

“Are you kidding me?” He says, “You think he can get rid of me? We’ll, I’ll show him!”

So, He lurks in the background, waiting for you to screw up. Just one, little screw up. That’s all He needs. Just one day you don’t cover anime.

Just one day you decide to skip it all. Just one day you set your hobby aside, ditch this whole anime reviewing business and plunge into your newest hobby addiction.

You see, just one slip from you is all your inner saboteur needs, and BLAM!

Heeeee’s baaaaaaack.

And He’s more vicious than ever.


Because He knows He’s done for.

You see, your regression is really a sign of desperation–not YOURS but HIS.

Your saboteur is so desperate to stay alive, that He’s using up all His reserves, firing all His secret weapons, launching an all-out assault on your personal well-being.

If you thought He was a jerk before, you’ll see what a real douche He is now that you’ve forced Him to fight for His life.

So as your inner saboteur starts coming after you with all He’s got, take a moment to smile.

Because this is proof that whatever you’ve been doing has been working, and instead of today’s regression foreshadowing your demise, it’s really foreshadowing the demise of your old self.

2. Get More Tools In Your Toolbox

Your inner saboteur is hitting you with all that its got, and so you can’t back down now. No. You’re going to have to hit back even harder than before. And the only way to do that is to acquire even MORE tools.

First, try asking your friends, family members, and other anime reviewers what they do to prevent themselves from slipping back into their old ways. What tools serve them well?

If you can’t find a new tool by asking your friends or family members, then its time to do what anime reviewers do best:  be creative. Try different things out on yourself, and see what works and what doesn’t work.

Keep a journal to log your findings.

Maybe what others are recommending doesn’t work for you because you have a unique personality or a unique life situation.

Maybe your journey is not to find the tool that will change your life for the better, but to invent that tool.

Keep acquiring new tools and never stop.

3. Search For New Role Models

Another thing I do when I find myself regressing is to go on a search for new anime role models.

There are hundreds of anime role models out there: YouTubers, analyzers, discussers, and reviewers – and they can help you better understand yourself or your specific situation.

They can offer encouragement just by viewing their work and help you get out of a reviewing rut you might be facing by being an inspiration.

Don’t be picky about your anime role model, either. Role models come in any age and gender.

If you’re looking for a place to start, here are some great anime role models to consider:

Emily Rand

Nick Creamer


Guardian Enzo

Josh Dunham


4.  Defeat Regression…With Regression?

Lastly If regression is still  bringing you down, and you feel like all your tools aren’t working anymore, maybe it’s not because these tools aren’t working–maybe it’s because you stopped using an old tool that worked like a charm.

So do some digging, and maybe you’ll uncover an old sparked that worked before and can be recycled today.

Good Luck,


5 thoughts to “4 Points to Overcoming Regression In Anime Reviewing

  • iblessall

    Whenever I’m struggling with writing, I often go back and read one of my favorite anime bloggers. He hasn’t written for a few years now and I discovered him after he quite, but I really admire his writing and often find myself inspired once I’ve taken a look at his old posts.

    • Prattle

      That’s unfortunate that he no longer writes.

      It’s nice to hear that his old content still inspires you though when you’re down.

  • D

    The Inner Saboteur sounds like a real ass.

    i understand quite well the tendency to give up after even one mishap. This post made me smile but also made me think. Thanks as always, Prattle.

    • Prattle

      I made D smile! Mission accomplished

  • weekendotaku

    Am I the saboteur or is the saboteur me? D:

    I feel like I go through this every few weeks. Mainly because something happens that makes me lose confidence and fall into existential crisis. I’m usually okay in a day or two, though.

    Maybe I should log these things so I can understand what’s happening and stop the cycle. But I feel like the old me honestly did best he could but just doesn’t believe in this new direction. Isn’t it mean to just kill him?


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