Everyone wants to play.

That small time content creator, pushing out reviews on all the more prominent, sakuga oriented titles this season is busy writing their rough draft ( or maybe editing their next video, I don’t know). All I know is that their content on the topic isn’t a known commodity. They’re not Sakuga Blog and they’re not Canipa.

That video, the one that just came into my recommended feed, it wants me to click on it with some baity thumbnail and title. But of course, I’ve never heard of this person, and it’s obvious they’re fishing for views.


We opened up the world of media to anyone who wants to talk and connect. We gave everyone free stamps, free paper, a free broadcast license.

And so I can watch a YouTube video that explains, in detail, how Death Note’s garbage film is in fact actually good. Or one of the dozen, half hearted “latest big shounen here”videos ( I guess we have to get views somehow right?). YouTube is filled with a lot of poorly constructed content, hell, the same can be applied to the internet on a whole.

Hence the need for authority.

Authority is recognizable and trustworthy.

My neighbor has authority, at least when he’s talking about what’s going on with our block. The local weatherman, by dint of his being hired by someone with an FCC license, has authority, but not about investments, just about the weather.

Obvious, of course.

What’s not obvious is the discipline necessary to earn authority. Now that you can’t be given it, now that you can’t take, now that you have to EARN it, it seems to me that many of us have forgotten that there’s a cost to earning something.

At every step along the way, you’ll feel pressure to stop earning and start taking. To include a few more links. To make a few more bold claims for attention. To sell some product, to shade some truth, to real in more money for yourself.

But the longer you wait, and the more generous you are, the more your authority is worth. And authority compounds.

Authority comes from consistent generosity, from truth telling, and from empathy. It comes from showing up. It comes from honesty and consistently sharing your point of view.

Hence my headline. The pursuit of authority would benefit the community tremendously – with more content creators striving to get there, by refusing to shortcut on the things that matter. We need more authority in the community, and less voices making content for obvious personal gains.

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