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Not an indie band. Stands for ‘multiple sleep latency test.’ It’s a study that tests for how tired you get during the day. Doctors ask you to nap every couple of hours and look into what’s going on with your brain. Skip the test and just nap more in the day. Yes, even if you’re an adult naps are still good. We’re very well aware of your terrible sleep habits.

Don’t say Clarity has never taught you anything.

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Kakegurui is like the perpetually horny lovechild of Kaiji and Death Note that’s blowing off all its classes to smoke behind the gym” – A pretty accurate assessment of what’s become of Kakegurui. No we’re not even exaggerating, especially after this week’s showing.



Now completed, we can wholeheartedly say that this was easily a more satisfying work than what we expected at the start of the season. Nearly every episode was full of charming character moments, and an underlying level of execution that was just right to make its beats stick. Episode 12 was a finale worthy of the show, one more episode that worked hard to ensure it had a strict internal tone that matched the headspace of the characters. It’s a little sad to see it go, but I’m always happy to see good shows end well. You did good, Tsurezure Children, much like the author of this following piece that we found for you today:

Thoughts on Tsurezure Children


Made In Abyss has really found a tight rhythm this week to illustrate the world within its casts’ specific palette, creating a consistent visual mood that’s amplified by the show’s fundamentally strong character writing. This aesthetic consistency doesn’t just make for a beautiful show with a admirable tonal personality; it also establishes a baseline normal to contrast against the show’s tonal intruders, namely here in the form of Milly’s darker scenes alone with Riko.

There’s plenty of content creators that consistently do a solid job at pushing out work prime for consumption on this title – and here’s one of them that seems to never disappoint:



We can really get behind Princess Principal’s effort to contextualize their leading pair’s relationship, for both craft reasons and beyond. It’s really easy for a studio with any reasonable level of visual talent to get carried away with their depiction of a character’s dynamics. You can see studios usher out everything from overly animated body language to very active facial expressions when around other key cast members – really whatever visceral cues that the scenes you’re absorbing push forward a special relationship.

A combination of these cues can be a bit overbearing, even making the intended sequence busy at times. Luckily, Princess Principal safely navigates away from that territory, avoiding this all too common occurrence with clean framing and well managed layouts while still hitting home how dynamic Ange and Princess are together. With that said, this week, we’re bringing you a quick read that still does a fine job of celebrating this episode’s triumphs from start to finish:

Princess Principal Episode 11: Another Fine Mess



We pretty much approach every episode of Welcome to the Ballroom praying “don’t mess up, don’t mess up” to ourselves. The easiest way for this work to mess up would be for it to forget its own strengths – Its lovely, atmosphere. Its great sense of energy. Its distinctive, understandable characters, and the wonderful structure that’s giving each of them room to define themselves. Its poignancy – the universality of its themes and how all these pieces tally together to build a respectable series. Many works feature a lot of elements both visceral and subtle interacting on the back of a given script – few works are able to make their elements mean something. Do please take a moment and enjoy this piece below that brings plenty of value outside of the typical review structure:

Welcome to the Ballroom Episode 11 Review: Evolution



With the Summer season virtually over, now is the perfect time to acquaint yourself with the Fall. As I’m sure as any veteran seasonal watcher is aware, there’s plenty of content out there that serves as a preview guide, finding pieces such as that comes easy. However, few of them have the level of effort and scheduling that this one has. If you’re not already checking it for your upcoming seasonal needs, our team team at Seasonal Prattle highly suggests that you give it a look:

Fall 2017 Preview!


What to say when your grandma goes out more than you…
Retirement seems great. Koi To Uso also retired… thankfully. For awhile now this series has been in a clear downward spiral, slowly garnering more and more criticism for its lackluster effort to compel and equally bloaty scripts that often amounted to little narrative progress. At the time of writing, Koi To Uso is barely hanging on to an even seven rating on MAL, and we wouldn’t be completely surprised if it doesn’t fully drop into the sixes. So for those of you who thought this was low key the best anime of the season, well we got some bad news for you.

What to say when your phone’s about to die…
Keep it brief. Just like any time you should be giving to Neo Yokio. A series that we applaud you if you currently have no idea what we’re talking about. But for those who do, or for some inane reason are currently thinking of experiencing this dumpster fire, try to minimize your exposure. Yes there’s tons of screencaps that are instant meme material, yes it’s bad in a way that may provoke some level of curiosity to see it, but come on, show some restraint. Your time is precious.  

What to say when you finish Tenshi no 3P!…
Are the police coming for me? Well, they probably should since that means you saw this and kept watching to the very end instead of dropping it on the spot.


Currently, next season’s “Recovery of an MMO Junkie” is the 22nd most anticipated anime on MAL… please let us be the first to say that its popularity will definitely sky rocket. Brace yourself for the wave of reviews on this one.


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    Thanks for sharing and for finding some great content.

    • Prattle

      Thank you for creating some great content!

  • Anonymous

    I like how you spent so much time building up Tsurezure Children just to link my piece stating how the series is “okay.”

    Thanks regardless for sharing!

    • Prattle

      The bottom sentiment really didn’t matter too much to us – we thought your work did a good job at looking at both its strengths and weaknesses. It really made for a broader view in contrast to our own opinion filled with praise.

      Thank you for writing it!

  • Anonymous

    Look, I’d stop watching Tenshi no 3P in a heartbeat if our watching group wasn’t locked into it by mutual dares.

    Also ayyyy, made Quote of the Week!

    • Prattle

      Excuses, excuses ~

      I hope to see you there again


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