Sep 10th, 2017


Not just that really good sports player you like. It’s Silicon Valley speak for minimum viable product. As in when the tech world puts something out there that’s juuuust good enough for the masses to consume based primarily off of current trends.

The same thought process can be seen in seasonal anime. Think any given episode of Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni, or for that matter, the series on a whole. Yep, MVP material right there.

Don’t say Clarity has never taught you anything.

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I guess I could have watched this episode without having to stare at Momiji airing her breasts in front of a fan.” –  A review of this week’s New Game. Fanservice is so August 2017. Actual “fan” service is clearly what’s in right now. Take notes.



Having to place scenes and introduce concepts in a key order to create a dramatically effective composition, establishing characters’ headspaces through minimal representative details, showcasing how drama is in large part a product of pacing and release rather than a side effect of an emotional pull; The raw narrative fundamentals of this week’s Made In Abyss are just so well executed that they deserve their own applause. This series has really developed a firm grasp on accurately selling their scenes wholly through timing and animation, and how an effective evocation of tone can actually bring about its own emotions and messages.

However, as great as episode 10 was, we’ve come across a pretty rare moment. Typically the content we go through weekly on MIA is pretty positive (and even that’s an understatement), but this week we found a piece that couldn’t be any further from that. So take a second and witness the rare blog  – the 1% that doesn’t just dislike Made In Abyss – but flat out hates it:

Made in Abyss


This week’s Classroom of the Elite really returned to the strengths of its opening episodes with a conflict that echoed the series’ key variables in both its relevant characters and its thematic substance. Kiyotaka and Suzune still hold strong as an observant pair, and this episode made the most of each of them, making for a fine comeback after some shaky narrative territory. I’m used to seeing shows like this getting bogged down by bad comedy or cyclical drama after stumbling like CotE has, so hopefully this continues to power forward:

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e – 09


Our responses to shows aren’t wholly mechanical – we get invested in plot beats, we wonder how things will turn out, we start to care about characters and fear for their success or safety. We look forward to seeing how exactly they overcome their struggles, even in episodes that aren’t as immediately appealing as previous editions. It’s easy to hold a strong opinion when a work is being blatantly good or bad, but true content creators can shine even in the grey area:

Princess Principal Episode 8 — Shifting Emptiness


Welcome to the Ballroom came to a really satisfying peak this week, offering a fine threaded cohesion of clean production and raw storytelling to produce arguably the series’ best work to date. From its emotional heights to its aesthetic slopes, nearly the whole of this episode is constructed this way – every turn of the plot (barring a couple moments of internal dramatic convenience) contains some emotional/thematic truth to fall back on:

Ballroom Dancing Is Like Marriage in Welcome to the Ballroom


Kakegurui upped the ante a bit this past week. The episode’s first half was pretty much exactly the sort of casual, easy-going atmosphere that Yumeko oozes when initially gambling that we’ve come to expect, but the second half and late conclusion had more of a bite to it to give us a solid send off:

Kakegurui Episode 9: Dreaming Woman


What to say when you’re stuck in traffic and a song you like comes on the radio…

Silver lining. Here at Seasonal Prattle, we can appreciate a show that is notably ambitious in its craft – where it can illustrate multifaceted emotions through its composition, themes or character acting. While it’s easy to say 18if is a /bad/ show for fundamental storytelling reasons, we think it’s just as easy to downplay the creativity and vision that Gonzo brings to this original to separate it from the industry norm. Both aspects deserve recognition. So embrace the good with the bad, and realize how inventive the seasonal show you’re totally not watching because you think it’s trash has become.

What to say when the most dramatic couple you know finally goes on a break…
Saga almost over. Can the same happen to Karen and Amano please? Seriously, does anyone actually enjoy their relationship in Gamers? Afterall, their chemistry for the most part is next to non-existent when on screen, not to mention their connection being virtually fabricated out of thin air in the first place. It seems like Amano would be much better with a little desu desu as is partner instead.

What to say when your laptop is on low battery during a binge watch…
Time to shut it down. Ironically enough it’s the same thing you should be doing to Koi To Uso. Trust us, you’re better off this way.


This exists, and the more we watch it the more we actually want it as Kakegurui’s opening theme song…

We’re joking…

Kind of…

Please send help.


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6 thoughts to “Clarity: Weekly Insight (Sep 10th, 2017)

  • Karandi

    Thanks as always for finding some excellent posts. There’s quite a few this week that I hadn’t seen so I’m going to check them out now.

    • Prattle

      Thanks for reading!

  • sonicsenryaku

    Ayyye Chiaki support??? Now that’s what I like to see. I have no issues with Karen as i find her to be adorable but that’s the thing: I need more than that. What Chiaki has with Keita is much more interesting to explore. This is a comment i made on an episode blog of Gamers! ninth ep:

    With this episode, i think it’s finally time i tackled who i think the end couple should be. For me, i have to pick Chiaki, but that’s not because i think Karen is not deserving of Keita’s affection. I just think it’d be refreshing to see more shows not let the leading female protagonist who is put on a pedestal always be the chosen girl; gotta switch it up every now and then you know? I assume the author who wrote this story is going to have a real hard time picking between Karen and Chiaki; especially since he went out of his way to make Karen so lovable and endearing to the audience and Chiaki so compatible with Keita.

    The thing i like about Karen and why i think her character is so appealing (at least to me) is that she wears her emotions on her sleeves. There’s this very tender vulnerability about her; a girl who is madly crushing on a guy who makes her feel a certain way about her video gaming passion that she has never experience. She is very conscientious about how to approach Keita and in doing so, motivates herself to be emotionally dexterous so that she can convey her feelings in a sincere and honest way. In short, Karen is very proactive about what she wants and that along with the other things i’ve mentioned are very respectable qualities to have; it’s why I’m so endeared to Karen. She’s worked hard to convey here innocent and pure feelings towards a guy who others would give her weird looks for dating; and the beautiful thing is that she doesnt give a fuck (that partly might be because she’s kind of awkward herself). Also, i think it’s a plus (and the main reason why so many people consider Karen best girl) is that she is full of such delightfully cute expressions when she embarrassingly tries to communicate her insurmountable feelings to Keita.

    Overall, I think Karen’s dynamic with Keita (from what i see so far) is a solid foundation for which to consummate a relationship because who she is as a character challenges Keita to try harder to overcome his meekness. There a sense of improving oneself that Karen invokes out of Keita; although I’m not quite sure if this is implicitly because Karen has this depth of character or it’s because of how high of a pedestal Keita places here; I’m still trying to figure that one out. For all intents and purposes, having two people who seemingly have fundamentally different philosophies about gaming come to realize that they can learn from one another is a an aspect of connection and human communication that make relationships meaningful. In that regard, Keita and Karen being an item has some merit.

    However, there’s something about Chiaki and Keita’s bond that resonates with me more. Sure for those who want to see Karen and Keita be an item, you can argue that Chiaki and Keita can work as just friends; and you’d be right. But you’d also be neglecting the fact that sometimes, good friends make the best romantic and ideal couples. For me, the greatest of relationships are predicated on the heartwarming and dynamic relationship between two people who are absolutely comfortable with one another. Two people who can converse with each other about anything and everything. Who can get lost in each other just talking about the things they love for hours and gaining so much for each other’s company. Two people who have an excellent back and forth; two people who not only motivate each other but confide in one another as well. Chiaki and Keita have that comfortableness with one another and the potential to enrich each others lives both intellectually and emotionally as a result of this inextricable bond that they share. The fact that they can be so close to each other while seemingly hating each other is a testament to how harmonized their personality frequencies are.They have the potential to learn to be better people together and shine incandescently as an item. This potential exists with them in a way that it doesnt quite exist with Karen and Keita (that’s granted if Chiaki and Keita can learn to accept each other’s perspective’s, which I think is a theme the show should definitely tackle by allowing them to explore their burgeoning feelings for each other) and i think it allows Chiaki and Keita to be a bit more interesting to watch as people. With Karen and Keita’s relationship, I sort of see it plateauing in the sense that maybe Karen may find herself not being able to relate to Keita in a fulfilling way and vice-versa; that perhaps their infatuation for each other is just that; an intense crush/infatuation, which is different from deep love. Perhaps Karen and Keita’s relationship will develop into a solid romance; who knows. Any way that’s my two cents on that.

    • Prattle

      Chiaki really feels like the best option for Amano from both a storytelling and emotional sense and I’m happy to see that you’re in favor of that as well.

      After reading your episode 9 comment specifically, it’s nice to see a push for her articulated thoroughly. Well done on that.

  • sonicsenryaku

    “Chiaki really feels like the best option for Amano from both a storytelling and emotional sense”

    Absolutely agree; watching Chiaki and Keita converse with each other on their to her house demonstrated the inherent understanding these two have for each other while highlighting why their chemistry works (even though Chiaki was acting a bit reserved at times). There’s a reason why even after establishing that they hate each other, they still call each other by their first names so comfortably

    • Prattle

      Exactly, now I guess we just have to wait and see if the author ever commits to that direction or not.


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