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The Biggest Difference Between Recovery of an MMO Junkie and Sword Art Online” – An actual headline. Was anyone honestly comparing the two to begin with? The difference seems pretty obvious to the extent that a full blown article on it wouldn’t be necessary, but here we are.



With plenty of confidence in its own storytelling, Mahoutsukai no Yome never uses more dramatic elaboration than necessary, knowing its shot framing and plot fundamentals are strong enough that the audience can infer every necessary turn. This week’s episode was an excellent illustration of what a good staff unit can do to elevate already sturdy source material, providing a notably crisp atmosphere both in its visual cues and beautiful sound design.



Even though Sunshine doesn’t have a unique core idea to leverage, it has plenty of solid fundamentals to get by: Fine pacing, efficient character work, and good comedic timing. The show is clearly comfortable in its own skin, which results in less tonal clunkers, but also means every member of the cast gets to be both silly and legitimately charming. I’m rarely flat out impressed by what this series does, but Love Live Sunshine 2 has been pretty consistent in its brand of entertainment so far.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 Episode 4: Don’t Be So Formal With Me


Original productions in this specific low-key character drama genre space aren’t always the easiest to manage, but Just Because! did a fine job handling it this week. The series has very clear personality, the characters are expressive in ways that always make them feel like individuals and their culminating actions provided more than reasonable emotional payoffs by the credit roll. Hopefully Pine Jam builds off of this in a positive fashion from here.

Just Because! – Episode 4


We appreciate a show whose storytelling tightly matches the scope of its premise – there’s a whole world being implied here, but Girls’ Last Tour has one very specific story to tell. And it certainly tells is well, elevating small character moments into a narrative that really captures the tone and pacing of their lives. The resulting overall effect is a show that can be embraced, both for visceral and textual reasons.

Girls’ Last Tour Episode 4



 It’s unfortunate that any emotional intimacy Nisio Isin attempts to create for his cast is ultimately robbed by plotting that’s all too linear. Simply investing even an ounce of interest in any given character’s back story, or the battles that they’re involved in, feels like a complete waste when the results are still so predictable.

Juuni Taisen – 04



All the quick quips at social anxiety, along with the lightly whipped romantic beats are really filling in for what Net-juu no Susume lacks in outright narrative prowess. Momiko’s fears and concerns of engaging with Yuuta offline may not be the most compelling on paper, but makes for a charming experience nonetheless in practice.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie is an adorable and refreshing romance about adult gamers

Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episodes 3 + 4: Fantastic Transition


What to say when you lose a game of cards…
Let’s go again. Your friends at Seasonal Prattle are glad 3-gatsu no lion is back. There is something magical about the way this series manages to use every little detail in an episode to weave a complete narrative. The themes of companionship, helplessness, and kindness are all elements that Chica Umino’s writing does a beautiful job to illustrate around its subtext and fine use of imagery.

What to say when you close your laptop for the day…
I’m out. This week, some of the bigger voices in the YouTube side of our community gave their overall takes on the season thus far – to which our team simply had to close out the video after crossing paths with their Houseki no Kuni take. It’s seriously bizarre how some of the most popular critics can whiff on a title so badly.

What to say when your food is cold…
Nuke it. No, seriously nuke it.


For when you’ve been grabbing a handful of granola for breakfast…

Your mornings could be smoother. But hey, at least you’re not studio A.C.G.T. Their whole season could be smoother given that their latest work in Dies Irae is well…terrible so far. Dies Irae somehow manages to pull off the feat of being incomprehensible to fresh viewers and offensive to those who are familiar with the source material. It’s an award winning blend that has brought the show down to a slight step above Ousama – Game tier score wise.

For when you want to feel efficient while you’re procrastinating…

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