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Not what you think. It’s an improv term for not helping move the scene forward. You wimped out. Fair to say key cast members in Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul had that issue during their finale. It’s okay though, MAPPA looks like it will bounce back from that last minute fumble. After all, Inuyashiki is on the horizon.

Don’t say Clarity has never taught you anything.

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“The main thing I’ve learned from Classroom of the Elite is a lot of Deep Thinkers wrote the same shit I did during my emo high school years” — No, we’re not making this up.



Writers tend to gravitate to that emotional irritant deep within them and use a story to help work through solving their own personal problems. And that process is beautiful when approaching a well-crafted and thoughtful narrative. The thing about a narrative like this is it’s either feast or famine. Either the audience will truly buy into the drama on the scale it’s being presented, or everything comes across as ridiculous or flat. And in Made In Abyss’ case, the gears are spinning in harmony here. The show’s finale was an absolutely gorgeous vision of what it wants to be – the characters are brought to life with responsive animation, the direction is emotionally purposeful, the backgrounds are rich and colorful, and the bigger dramatic strokes literally sing with passionate energy:

Made in Abyss: a beautiful descent

Made in Abyss – 13 (End) and Series Review


Within every well done narrative sits a comprehensive and cared for tapestry of plot beats. The reason a particular story feels good eliciting that “Oh, that’s a great episode” reaction is because these beats resonate on a frequency that touches upon the way our own minds work. Those looking to communicate effectively with their target audience must understand this narrative code that rests at the foundation of every solid story. Bones has clearly understood this code with Hero Academia’s crucial fight scenes:

How My Hero Academia Constructs Fights


I much rather see the brilliant work that goes into humanizing characters wholly through timing and animation, or how an effective evocation of tone can actually bring about its own emotions and messages, than for a series to rely primarily on its writing. There’s so many undervalued scenes and shows that sell a particular emotional space or plot beat well that aren’t physically “written good” truly through the effort of their production:



When carefully crafting the ultimate meal, chefs obsessively focus on choosing the right ingredients. They know that taste relies on choosing how much of each to put in and when they choose to add them into the dish. In a way, a script writer is like a chef and should know the ingredients they have to choose from—not rely on how they think their story will taste. Last week, Princess Principal was in clear control of their ingredients, presenting fantastic storytelling that rests on a solid bedding of tight character work to finish out the seires:

Princess Principal – Anime Series Review



What to say when you haven’t been paying attention this season…
What has a good score? Well not Gamers! The series that once started out in the middle of the pack this Summer, only to rise in popularity to just shy of Kakegurui, has been stumbling rating wise ever since its awful finale. Its top review couldn’t even make it through the entire series because it’s so bad, and the next one after that which actually finished it – hardly rated it much better.

What to say when an extra bag of M&Ms drops from the vending machine…Things are looking up! And so is this new season. Fall is appearing to be in position to make a pretty big impact – with an array of sequels and originals that can certainly make some waves. Sifting through the seas of titles this Fall just got a whole lot easier to manage with this handy little article narrowing down the best of the best.


Saturdays of this Fall season have more shows airing on it than any other day in any other season all year. There’s a total of 12 of them. To put that in context, the next closest day and season that was this stacked was this past Summer’s Saturdays with 9.

So brace yourself avid seasonal watcher. There’s going to be a lot to grind through on the weekends if you truly want to keep up.


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3 thoughts to “CLARITY: WEEKLY INSIGHT (OCT 1ST, 2017)

  • DerekL

    Thankfully, weekends get slack for us this time year… the weather in the Pacific Northwet, as much as we love it, is awful… so it’s time to cuddle up on the couch before a big flatscreen.

  • Remy Fool

    Ah, thanks for featuring me, Prattle!

    Summer 2017 was a wild ride, but now I’m really looking forward to Fall 2017!

    Once again, thank you for grabbing solid content to share within the community. It’s a demanding job, but not a thankless one, since I really do appreciate it.

    • Prattle

      No problem 🙂

      I’m looking forward to your work this Fall!


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