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You can tell Inuyashiki is by the Gantz author because every person in the universe is a miserable dead-eyed sociopath.” – Well, it’s not like this is wrong



Blatant, spoon-fed exposition on top of an already shakily conveyed narrative? I’m not sure what goals Dies Irae is going for, but if it’s awful scripting, then episodes zero and one have that achievement accomplished all on their own.

Dies Irae Episode 0 Review: The Dawning Days

Dies Irae – 01

Why Everybody’s Confused at Dies Irae



White Fox’s staff deserves its fair share of credit for the contemplative tone that they’re bringing to Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou – a hallmark that the genre’s better entries do so well. So far, they managed to both respect the solemnity of the setting with Aketagawa’s wonderful sound design, and offer charming expressive moments purely through solid character acting in spite of it. This series has a strong grasp of what sensory notes it wants to convey, and if it continues to nail them like they have been, we’ll have a quite a strong series on our hands.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou – 02


Sad to see a first half that showed genuine emotional depth and complexion for its depressed, dying lead ultimately getting undercut by poorly constructed storytelling and awful character acting. Having an out of nowhere alien crash landing as your excuse to bring upon the mechanical change to Ichirou is already awful writing as is – but then having Ichirou hardly react to his body literally being an android-esque weapon is just flat out incompetent.

Pair the above with Inuyashiki’s terrible use of CG and forgettable directorial effort from Keiichi, and this one looks like it’s going to be a bumpy ride. I really expected a lot better from MAPPA here.

First Look: Inuyashiki


When you frame or sequence conflicts in ways that compromise dramatic impact – throwing blatant death flags around on top of predictable direction – your narrative is naturally going to suffer. Juuni Taisen still lacks the grade of writing and sharpness of voice to make its story compelling or to overcome the limited characterization of its cast. This series might turn out to be perfectly reasonable down the line, but at this point I’m not expecting it to be much more than a fair entry in a genre that’s been deprived of innovation for years.

Juuni Taisen Episode 2: Not so sure anymore



We can really appreciate Konohana Kitan’s worldview and core sentiment. The series certainly isn’t the most compelling in its genre space, but it definitely nails its tonal goals and works hard to convey a sense of place and positivity that’s easy to resonate with.

Konohana Kitan – 01 (First Look)



What to say when Netflix ups its prices
Nothing is safe. If Netflix’s binge centric approach to releasing anime wasn’t already off putting enough, well now you can go and pay more for their services too! Illegal streaming just keeps on looking better and better.

What to say at the end of a movie…
Saw that coming. Just like you should with Sho-bitch’s quality in one glance. Forget its amateurish direction, or Diomedea’s limited attempt to bring the source material to life. Above all of that, Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesuhiru Sho-bitch no Ken is simply half hearted, a series that’s satisfied at reaching for the low bar of mediocrity in almost all phases – hoping that Kosaka’s quirks and a bunch of poorly built jokes are enough to cover for a non existent narrative and paper thin supporting cast. It’s unfortunate that time and money was actually spent on such a weakly conceived project.


For when you need a good podcast that has nothing to do with the news…

Give Blade Licking Thieves a shot, we’ve been enjoying them lately!

For when you think you had a bad day…

You didn’t, unless all you’ve been hearing is this



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