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So…..can we just say Perriot is just greedy?” – Based off their handling of Black Clover so far? Yes, yes we can.



Really articulate episode of 3-gatsu this week not only emotionally, but in a visceral sense from its competent design as well. This is easily the best this series has been all season, with plenty of conversations and well placed visual cues that elevated already  graceful character writing. Rei and Hina’s dynamics along with the general atmosphere from the Kawamoto family only sealed the deal for a fantastic finish that was well earned.

Right off the Bat, the Second Season of March Comes in Like a Lion Is Hitting a Personal Note for Me


Episodes like this demonstrate how solid Kino’s Journey can be with tighter scripting, and how its genre assumptions don’t have to be a limiting factor on powerful storytelling. While this week’s first half was good, the second half really exhibited all of the understated strengths of the first, continuing to execute gracefully on its inherently poignant premise into a wonderful finish of its own.

Kino no Tabi -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series – 05


When crucial moments that are intended to be sold as a psychotic, terrifying experience ultimately miss their mark due to the ridiculous dialogue and actions of the scenes that surround them, you have a major problem. Not just tonally, but in the grand scheme fundamentally.

Inuyashiki could be a very good show if it simply learned to stop injecting so much silly, tension breaking writing into a narrative that it’s not meant for.

Inuyashiki – 04



A distinct sense of emotional place can be tough to create and even tougher to make universal. Konohana Kitan still doesn’t have a perfect grasp on the emotional notes that it wants to resonate, but its use of contrast to elevate its material does wonders for the beauty of its world and the underlying charm of this particular narrative.

Konohana Kitan Episode 5



We’re still riding on a bunch of adorable plot beats, but  Net-juu no Susume clearly realizes how to get the most out of it. The show’s success largely leans on the strength of its lead in Moriko, whose interactions and gimmick with the rest of the cast offers enough charm and comfort – to carry a fairly straightforward narrative into an enjoyable watch.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 5: Good Progress



What to say when the doorbell rings…
They’re here. The Fall season certainly has its share of clunkers, but there’s definitely a lot to celebrate as well. Recently, ANN has released its updated rankings for our current anime crop with a few surprise choices that are worth taking a look at.

What to say when you pump yourself up before a big meeting…
Let’s get down to business. Kino no Tabi has been under a ton of scrutiny, primarily from veteran fans of the franchise rolling out criticism along the lines of “this latest adaptation fails to capture the tone and atmosphere of the original.” I think this line of thinking is an inherent issue when approaching this work, as the staffing unit is completely in service of bringing their own vision rather than salvaging one that’s nearly a decade and a half old. All production choices are in favor of that and work well when examined in the context of their own series. People expecting/wanting the 2003 flavor will naturally have hang ups – but this Kino works well when you split it from its shadow and examine it.



There’s a real easy way to catch up on all of the top news this season, just take a look here and get everything you need to know in one handy article.



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4 thoughts to “CLARITY: WEEKLY INSIGHT (NOV 5th, 2017)

  • DerekL

    >I think this line of thinking is an inherent issue when approaching this work, as the staffing unit is >completely in service of bringing their own vision rather than salvaging one that’s nearly a decade and a >half old.

    Except… they aren’t really bringing their own vision, not completely. They’re working within the constraints of a set of episodes chosen by fan poll. That’s going to inherently bias the work.

    • Prattle

      But that doesn’t affect a staff’s touch on a work in this context? As far as direction, presentation and any other element that concerns production goes, they’re still bringing their own vision and handling of that to the given material regardless if it was polled or not.

      • DerekL

        If it touches on the work, then it’s fair game for consideration when evaluating the work. (IMO.)

        • Prattle

          Well, I agree with you there


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