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Whale Babies #07 — Hurry Up and Wait” – A real headline. Yeah, Children of the Whales is falling out of favor.



With Kyougoku directing this week’s Houseki no Kuni, it’s no surprise to see his touch of bold color present and crisp vision as he shapes this episode into a fine piece of art. And that’s what art is – the distillation and expression of a personal concept through another medium. It’s bloodletting, pouring your idea into a common vessel for the sake of communication and even just existence, proof you’re there at all. Houseki no Kuni may be rough around the edges, but its strengths are achingly clear:

Houseki no Kuni – Episode 8 Review | Antarcticite



There are definitely some members of  Net-juu no Susume’s cast that aren’t quite as fleshed out as they could be, and the show’s writing skews a bit too heavily towards convenience for everything to be as deeply felt as it could, but those problems are largely mitigated by the excellent character work between its leads and base storytelling that really allows their feelings to breathe: 

Netojuu no Susume Episode 7 & 8



Strong showing from a Kino’s Journey that utilized its hallmarks well – melancholy, introspective, and dedicated more to observation than direct action. The Country of Radio Waves was exactly the kind of place I love seeing this series visit, and the sober, reflective tone of both of this episode’s vignettes felt far more natural and engaging than the series’ first half high-tension theatrics:

Kino’s Journey -The Beautiful World- The Animated Series Episode 8 Review: Country of Radio Waves



I keep waiting for Mahoutsukai no Yome to come down to earth, but it simply never does. The show balances itself between all kinds of strengths with a grace that makes the ultimate effect seem obvious – there’s not much competition for it currently in its genre space, as it constantly feels like an incredibly polished riff on modern fantasy entries. Poignant and sleek and just absurdly well told. There’s time where it feels like Mahoutsukai no Yome is only really competing against itself this season:

Loyalty – The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Mahoutsukai no Yome) Episode 8 Anime Review



The execution of this week’s Ballroom was wonderful – it was labored and lean throughout, strongly creating a very specific atmosphere through pacing, framing, and sound direction. There were plenty of isolated sequences that are worth applauding, particularly in Shinji Hashimoto’s work. I don’t expect people to be particularly impressed by the by shot framing or detailing that was provided here, but It more than lives up to the healthy baseline of character you’d expect from Production I.G.:

Ballroom e Youkoso – 19/20


What to say when you send an email before thinking it through…
Scratch that. Anime-Gataris has always been a pretty farcical show that for a time, really wasn’t our a thing here on Seasonal Prattle. However, this series has doubled down on the kinda campy sense of humor that we enjoy, and the results have been wonderful. While I personally appreciate this season working hard to nail the emotional moments, I appreciate even more the fact that it understands just how silly Anime-Gataris is supposed to be.

What to say when dinner plans get revived…
Back on. Glad to have Just Because back – with a good mix of emphasizing the relationship of the characters, building tension for the exam, and solidly executing the anxiety and release of Komiya’s growing feelings. Our latest episode felt a bit more disjointed than the best episodes of Just Because, but it got the job done, and had its share of highlights. Just Because stays the course even after a week of production mishaps.

What to say after getting paired up for Secret Santa…
Time to be responsible and give something good.



For when you’re broke on Cyber Monday…
Read this solid piece on Inuyashiki and take your mind off it. Don’t worry, there’ll be sales in December.

For when you’re ready to take your finger for a scroll…
Take a look at this discussion on Fate Stay Night Heaven’s Feel, it’s certainly worth the time.

For when you just can’t tolerate it anymore…
You’re not alone.


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