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Alright. that’s it. I’m going up there – Sometimes 3-gatsu no Lion gets the best of us. 



I can really appreciate the attempt to add nuance to simple messages through contrasting layers of ideas, or putting them in specific human contexts to illustrate them in an emotional sense. Typically these are elements that Kino can hit home on and convey beautifully, but this week…well…not so much:


Kino no Tabi – The Beautiful World – The Animated Series Episode 7



Though the last few episodes have done a lot to embed a steady comedic tone when it needs too, MMO Junkie can still hit sensitive notes fairly easily as well. It’s underrated just how much the emotional dynamics between the core cast mimic real life anxieties:

Netojuu no Susume Episode 7

Recovery of an MMO Junkie: How this silly little comedy made me reflect on my life


Girls’ Last Tour

Last Tour has consolidated and emphasized all of the key elements of its genre space this week – resulting in an episode that’s equally as grounded as it is atmospheric. This may not make for the most compelling experience, but the series’ underlying worldview is certainly beautiful and rewarding in its own right:

Girls’ Last Tour 7



“Execution matters” is a universal and ever-relevant truth of media, and Black Clover is still easily bearing the more unfortunate consequences of that fact. Simple, familiar, and predictable – all things that sum up Black Clover and that could have been avoided with a deeper effort on the narrative’s inner mechanics:

Black Clover: The abysmal mess of a shoutfest



Graceful or insightful writing and compelling dialogue/ideas are some of the primary things I look for in shows, but if a show is blatantly lackluster in its storytelling fundamentals or under utilizes its resources – it’s unlikely that something like a unique protagonist is going to make it work for me. Inuyashiki’s pros simply don’t outweigh its flaws at this point in the season:

Inuyashiki Ep. 6: A loose cannon goes off


What to say to your friend who “forgot” their wallet…
Again? I’m not sure how more than 40,000 people are still actively watching the monstrosity known as Ousama-Game, but once again this series vomited out another terrible episode that should make you drop it out of mercy. There’s only so much a sane seasonal watcher can take from this one.

What to say after a long night out…
Feels good to be home. It also feels good to have 3-gatsu no Lion as a consistent pleasure to return to time and time again. This series just continues to exhibit all the understated strengths of its first season, executing gracefully on its inherently poignant premise. I feel like a substantial portion of why this show works is simply that the character acting is just so strong – I like how their interactions really feel vibrant, and I like how Rei’s dialogue always comes off as believable and heartfelt.

What to say when a barista asks if you want whipped cream…
Do you have to ask? Blend-S is still a very sweet show. It may not offer a level of storytelling or inherent writing that can carry it over the top – but it still utilizes its genre space well with consistent charm and grace. It’s a little disheartening to see so many people skip out on this one.


For when you’re home for Thanksgiving…
Sounds like a good time to catch up on all the news you missed from this week.

For when your inbox is all holiday invites…
Ignore them and ask yourself this instead.


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