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How do you even take Nettojuu no Susume and get Recovery of an MMO Junkie? Especially when the title screen of the show already translates it to Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life?” – A thought more people should have. I’m a little surprised that this hasn’t been brought up more especially with the popularity the title has gained over the season.



Without sequences that are exciting purely as plot or spectacle, Inuyashiki doesn’t have much to go on, and so low-key sequences focused on Mari’s personal ambitions doesn’t really play to the show’s strengths. I’d certainly like it if this show’s characters were strong enough to support an episode like this, but Oku’s flimsy character writing consistently makes even his core cast challenging to sink into:

Inuyashiki Ep. 8: Stumbling hard


It’s a little harder to feel enthusiastic about a show with such lightly established characters. I’m never quite as invested in a given background story as Juuni Taisen wants me to be – primarily because the execution is lukewarm and marred by its formulaic outcome. To make matters worse, Nisio’s writing never actually bails this series out of dead water. It;s one thing to be bloated with predictable plotting on an already tired premise, but it’s also not as sharp as it could be either in contrasting any of the characters ideals or elevating them beyond their types:

Juuni Taisen Episode 9: How to die with dignity


Good job from Wit Studio keeping Mahoutsukai no Yome strong for another week. This series’ strengths remain what they’ve always been – great use of its genre space, a quirky sense of humor, a strong aesthetic marked by clever riffs on fantasy framing. Any weaknesses that show up are only temporary at best – a sense of narrative compression that somewhat keeps the characters from coming fully alive. This will almost certainly wind up as WIT’s most complete work of the year, but there’s still time in the season for an unlikely slip up:

The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Mahoutsukai no Yome) Episode 9 Anime Review


What to say when you cut toxic people out of your life…
Don’t let the door hit you. The problems of iDOLM@STER Side M basically demonstrate the difference between good and bad idol works. If you want time spent simply hanging out with characters to feel meaningful and worthwhile, either those characters have to feel like people worth investing in, or the hanging out has to be entertaining for its own sake. And lately, the characters feel simplistic and the gags are just tired, samey rehashes. It’s time to cut it.

What to say when a family members asks why you’re still single…
That makes two things that are now exposed.



We came across some pretty good reasoning as to the lack of people in Girls’ Last Tour that we wanted to pass along.


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