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So let me get this straight – Lindel is Hisoka, his familiar is Gon and his master is Sailor Moon?” ~~ Mahoutsukai no Yome is getting complicated over at Random Curiosity.




Engaging with the visions of particular anime creators can be interesting, especially when working with CG, but at the end of the day production is a team effort and MAPPA simply isn’t competent enough here as a unit on Inuyashiki.  It’s one thing to have a questionable, flimsy floor of writing to prop your series up on, but to put together such a poor visual effort on top of that is just laughable. Any sense of emotional momentum goes right out the door once you can’t even properly animate the cars in your core fight.

But hey, what do I know. Apparently people are still loving this circus of a series:


Inuyashiki – 10



Between its dry, heavy handed exposition dumps and extremely limited character acting – Junni Taisen might have outdone itself with how lackluster its writing can be this week. At this point it’s actually a feat how clumsy this work has been despite being backed by a hungry studio and created from a talented novelist:

Juuni Taisen Ep. 11: Don’t have a cow, man



Once again March pulled of an episode that was both an elegant narrative finish and reinforcement of how emotionally charitable this whole cast can be. The execution matched its tonal base, staying crisp and visually efficient while the fallout of Rei’s Tournament managed to be a big conceptual win. Even when we want to help others, we’re often not really able to do that much but the little gestures along the path can be satisfying in their own ways:

The Reach of Our Hands


This show has built such an intriguing world that checking in on any character feels like a treat, and Houseki no Kuni never wastes those opportunities – every moment pushes Phos forward in smart ways while offering poignant camaraderie for our collective struggle. This series’ level of writing is sneakily successful even in small moments:

Why a CG Show is Anime of the Season


Happy to see Net-juu no Susume put together a satisfying special. The first half had plenty of bits that demonstrate that these characters aren’t just cute, they’re meaningfully invested in each other, and when it comes to the elaboration of that, the scenes between Sakurai and Moriko at her house for the first time land very well. People won’t always understand each other outright, but their mutual feelings can certainly be real. Sakurai cares just as much as Moriko, and that’s all that really matters:

Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Net-juu no Susume)


This was one more ringer of an episode for Just Because!, with Ena being solid, and her personality very good at ironing out the rest of the cast’s weaknesses. All the characters have been built up into fully realized people now, and the show is doing wonderful work of playing them against each other to great effect. Just Because! has had its drawbacks, but it feels like it’s confident enough to let its storytelling carry it to a satisfying finish:

Just Because! Episode 10



What to say when you’re getting rid of a cold…
“See ya.” Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken finally finished…thankfully. If you already dropped this dumpster fire months ago like you should’ve, then pat yourself on the back, you did good. On the other hand, If you haven’t and sunk to the level of some of our teammates here on Seasonal Pratt;e, well hey, at least you’re not watching the worst show of Fall season so count your blessings.

What to say when you miss summer…
“Get out the grill.” Don’t worry, Fall season is coming to an end and that means one more seasonal step closer to good ol’ summer right? Well it also means plenty of anime critics are doing their best job to churn out preview guides for the next season. If you haven’t already dug into one, maybe you should give this a look.


For when you plan on curling up by the fire…
Sound like a good time to catch up on this week’s most notable anime news.

For when you’re drunk after two drinks at the holiday party…
Read this Welcome To The Ballroom article’s comment section and be thankful that you’re not sober for it.



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  • Remy Fool

    You weren’t kidding about Dia Horizon Kakko Kabu. I watched the entire video you linked here and I regret every second of it.

    Also, wow, that discussion on Ballroom e Youkoso is not pleasant to read at all.

    Thanks for continuing to do great work. I hope the vacation did everyone on Seasonal Prattle some good!

    • Prattle

      It truly is rock bottom for the Fall season. I’m surprised it even got made.

      Yeah ANN’s Ballroom threads were a mistake.

      I will try my best!


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