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Aug 6th, 2017

We at Seasonal Prattle or happy to announce we’re expanding and revamping Clarity!

When we first came up with the idea to make “Clarity” we we’re simply thinking of a platform that could give a potential reader clearer insight to the season’s airing anime, by sorting through the vast amount of content that’s only relevant to it, ultimately bringing them the best pieces and featuring well deserving anime content creators in the process.

We then took Clarity another step, adopting the “Go Further Clearer” tagline you can see slapped on our homepage. We wanted our readers to be able to go further as both seasonal watchers and people – getting useful information in convenient fashion. Convenience and improvement on a whole became a big emphasis for us from that point.

Well now, after a surprising amount of readers coming on recently, we decided to give back to you guys by taking yet another step! Beyond our normal gathered content (clarity: resources), you can find new installments to Clarity below that we’re excited to implement from here on out.

So we won’t hold you up any longer. Enjoy what we have to offer and thank you for your support!

No seriously, thank you!

Go Further Clearer-

Seasonal Prattle


“Some production assistants on Princess Principal use pseudonyms rather than their names…since it’s a show about spies? That’s kinda great.”KViN



To say the Fate series can be confusing sometimes might just be a bit of an understatement, especially if you’re not completely immersed in its lore. This holds even more true when you approach Fate/Apocrypha specifically, given the size of its cast and how quickly most of them have been introduced thus far. Luckily we’ve come across a pretty handy piece of content that decodes one of F/A’s more integral members, Ruler, in crisp fashion.

So sit back and relax. Don’t worry about digging through lengthy Wiki’s to learn about this chick, instead, let this well edited – spoiler free video handle that for you:

Fate Apocrypha – RULER EXPLAINED: True Name Identity, Past, Abilities & Skills


Yes it’s the most popular anime of the season. Yes it still boasts a rather healthy score of nearly a flat 8 on MAL. Yes our team at Seasonal Prattle is still really enjoying it, so why are we featuring content this week that drags it down? Well that’s simple, it’s important to consider both sides of Kakegurui’s conversation. Not everyone is super high on the work, and when a solid argument arises from that, it’s worthwhile to listen and broaden your view even if you’re a fan. With that said, please give this quick article some attention. It might just make you think twice!:

Kakegurui is Nothing More Than a Thriller


Oh, you haven’t? Well this next piece might be interesting to you. Beyond picking out content that has pure value, our team really likes to try to bring you unique takes as well – whether that just be in the message of the content or its tone. Thankfully,this blog has both a unique take and value. Take a second, and give this a look. It’s relatively short and not fussy, with plenty of potential to enlighten you:

Ballroom e Youkoso and the Portrayal of Female Characters Within the Shounen Narrative


Because we can still let last week’s episode soak in. You know, as seasonal anime watchers, we hardly take the time to rewatch every episode after they initially air. We tend to see it once, discuss it online and then move onto the next series – killing time till it comes back into our lives next week. Let’s change that today. The article we have here is well positioned, nicely presented with plenty of information that acts as a good refresher to hold you over while Re:Creators has off:

Re:Creators Ep 16: Preparing for Battle and Baiting the Trap


And we really don’t see that changing anytime soon. This work has clearly been the frontrunner of the season and for good reason. Each week just brings an immense amount of craft and touch – showcasing both its fine worldbuilding and wonderful charm of its core cast. Made in Abyss knows how to sell a narrative and even more so, how to be in complete control of its tone regardless if it’s working on your visual or auditory senses. Simply put it’s a total product, that’s well worth watching both the series and highly entertaining content on it such as the piece we picked out for you here:

Made in Abyss: The Art of Episode One


This was a fairly popular drop for a lot of seasonal watchers and an even more popular skip all together when Summer started. So we get it, the series might not jump off the screen at you or be your cup of tea – but there is merit to this scarcely consumed work nonetheless. Action Heroine Cheer Fruits does real heroism right despite its initial looks. The following blog does plenty of good to touch on that, coming across as neat and insightful while spreading some love to one of Summer’s lesser watched works:

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits is about Fake Heroes, but it Shows Real Heroism


While more people are coming on-board, Princess Principal’s popularity is still fairly shaky – which is a shame given how this series has shaped up so far. Last week’s offering of spy heavy goodness just checked off more boxes of success – implementing its genre elements in a well balanced manner that lead to some pretty satisfying conclusions. Even looking past that, Princess Principal still offers a layer of subtlety that lends it depth to be invested in. If you haven’t picked up on some of these details, you may want to gives this well informed video a watch:

Princess Principal’s Hidden Details


What if I told you that the top 3 rated anime this Summer were in order: Hero Academia Season 2, Made in Abyss and New Game! Season 2? Would you agree? Well apparently if you’re apart of Anime News Network’s readers you would. ANN has a large readership, so it’s interesting to see how their audience is ranking works on a weekly basis. Take a look at the full rankings below and see where your favorites stack up on their chart:

The Best and Worst of the Season So Far:


What to say to people who are still using“Anime is trash and so am I” unironically…
Just stop. It was a fun little meme to use when Eromanga Sensei was popular, but if you’re seriously spitting it out presently to justify your guilty pleasures then just quit now. The only reason that we tend to feel guilt over indulging in so-called, “guilty pleasures” in the first place is because we are made to feel bad for liking them. They are just pleasures. “Guilty” only came about because others are telling us that we shouldn’t like this or shouldn’t feel proud about enjoying that. If something makes you happy, you shouldn’t hide that or feel like trash..

What to say to your friend that only watches anime legally, and thus, has to wait till 2018 to see Kakegurui from Netflix
Rest in peace. As much as we applaud those who use legal streaming services to support the industry, here at Seasonal Prattle, we like to be on top of our airing anime. So we seriously couldn’t imagine waiting at least 2 more seasons in order to watch such a popular and highly sought after work like Kakegurui. But hey, your friend can look on the brightside. At least being a legal seasonal streamer can’t get any worse right? Oh wait… we’ll pour one out for you and take a moment of silence.

What to say to that one person who’s claiming they’re watching Tenshi no 3p! “for the music” and not because they’re a secret, thirsty lolicon
Sure buddy, your secret is safe with me. But honestly, even though this series’ intentions are ridiculously obvious – not everyone watching this one is a thirsty lolicon. The music is actually pretty decent if you give it a chance alone


Japan Reacted to Our Summer Anime Rankings (MAL) a few days ago and has no idea why works like Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni, Kakegurui or Fate/Apocrypha are even remotely popular over here. Furthermore, they feel that even having them anywhere on our lists but the bottom makes our rankings uncredible. To be perfectly clear, Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni even being rated a six anything on MAL is confusing to our team every passing day.


Enjoy this issue of Clarity? Then please support Seasonal Prattle by subscribing or using the easy sharing tools below. Thank you for reading and feel free to contact us if we missed anything!


18 thoughts to “Clarity: Weekly Insight (Aug 6th, 2017)

  • Terrance A. Crow

    In almost every one of these posts, I find a new blog or other content creator to follow. And that’s after trying to find them on my own! So thank you very much for summarizing some great content here!

    • Prattle

      I’m happy to shine light on creators in our community and even more happy that you’ve found some new ones to follow 🙂

  • Izanaginookami

    Loving the new additions! It was a pleasure reading it, even more than usually.

    I’m not sure if I should be laughting so much at Netflix’s exploits.,,, it is a sad (or at least not good) thing for legally only watchers after all.

    > To be perfectly clear, Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni even being rated a six anything on MAL is confusing to our team every passing day.

    Indeed, that is a mystery for me too. Though I’m not objective as I’ve been exposed to “Isekai” far too much thanks to being a LN reader.

    • Prattle

      Glad that you approve of them 🙂

      It’s okay to laugh at the Netflix exploits, I think even at this point legal streamers are having a bit of a laugh at their own situation and how it continues to tumble down hill. Sometimes laughing it off is the best thing to do in these sad times.

      >>>>>On Smartphone

      When I originally came across the video of Japan knocking our scores on MyAnimeList for not having Smartphone on the bottom, I didn’t even know it was above a 5. Finding out it was a mid 6 was really shocking to me.

  • WeekendOtaku

    You have made some great additions to this post. I like these new sections!

    On a more critical, but hopefully helpful note: I cannot abide the word “uncredible.” If this doesn’t stop now, we’ll have a new “irregardless.”

    • Prattle

      Consider uncredible dead. I refuse to birth another irregardless into this world.

  • sonicsenryaku

    hmmm my comment isnt posting….

    • Prattle

      Weird, this one showed up.

      • sonicsenryaku

        probably because it was just one or two lines. If you see this comment, it will just provide evidence to my point

        • Prattle

          That’s likely the case, since I can see this comment.

  • sonicsenryaku

    wow netflix…..hahahahahaha…like, im pretty sure they are aware of the growing disdain the anime community harbors for their streaming policies but it’s almost as if they revel in the hate. Violet evergarden; an anime that has garnered so much hype since the moment its resplendent pv dropped; and then after the great reception it got at anime expo….has the hype train snuffed out by netflix’s acquisition of it. The anime community’s reaction to this news for the past few days has been nothing short of priceless; hahahaha it’s too funny.

    • Prattle

      I know right? While I appreciate the fact that people want to support the industry by legal streaming, I can’t help but think this situation is just becoming more and more comical especially with how the community is reacting to it.

      At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix starts snatching up even more sought after titles from here.

      • sonicsenryaku

        ugghhh still cant get the rest of my comment to go through…sigh whatever

        • Prattle

          Hmmm, I’ll look into our site’s settings. Maybe there’s something there preventing whatever you’re trying to say

  • Remy Fool

    Thanks for the great work as usual, Team Seasonal Prattle.
    And the new sections look wonderful! I’m very grateful in several ways. Some of the content shared here has given me some ideas, too, yay.

    • Prattle

      Ooooo Remy is getting inspired!

      Thanks for stopping by 😀

      • Remy Fool

        Mmm we’ll see. I don’t want to be repeating what others have said, though, so this will have to be handled with tact (and possible sourcing).

        Of course! c:

        • Prattle

          Creative Remy is a very good Remy.

          I’ll be looking forward to whatever you have in mind


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