Aug, 27th 2017

Not a unicorn convention. It’s the non-profit group that sets the standards for translating normal human language into computer speak. The group is also in charge of giving new emojis the ‘approved’ stamp. Thanks to them, there’s now a breastfeeding lady and an exploding head emoji.

So the next time you receive a wave of prayer hands and flames you know where to direct your disgust to. Blame these guys.

Don’t say Clarity has never taught you anything.

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Can I just say that this is so bad that it makes me wanna write my own name on the Death Note.” – A fairly well received response to Netflix’s recent live action attempt at Death Note. If you have yet to see it, keep it that way. You’re doing yourself a great favor.




It’s wonderful how far this series has come in reception and overall popularity since early this season. Not that long ago this delightful short was in the middle of the pack, roughly as popular as Isekai Shokudo and pushing a mid seven rating on MAL. Now it’s overthrown works like Koi to Uso, Fate Apocrypha and Hajimete no Gal – only being slightly behind Gamers! for the title of second most popular work of the season, all while carrying a high seven rating. And all of this is for good reason! Tsurezure Children just oozes charm – with wonderful character dynamics and a fine sense for comedic timing that makes for a consistently entertaining watch. If you have yet to pick up this great short, we highly suggest that you give it a go:

Tsuredure Children – Episode 8


We’re really surprised that there’s actually so little content that addresses this aspect of Mappa’s latest work. Typically, in doing what we do here on Seasonal Prattle, we come across a variety of pieces that center around craft elements both in a positive – and more recently – negative fashion. Scripting, composition, tone and composure have all been popular touchpoints of the content that comes across our desks – but today that changes. The piece below is a nice switch, concerning itself with Kakegurui’s fanservice in a rather digestible manner:

Kakegurui is Fanservice Done Right


Because there doesn’t seem to be much of a middle ground with opinions on this one. There’s a large group of viewers who regularly enjoy what Gamers! has been offering both in its narrative and brand of comedy. They love how over the top the web of misunderstandings can get, and even in some instances, wish the misunderstandings would only pile up further. Then of course there’s the opposite side of the coin. Gamers! and its constant thirst for misunderstandings can get very irritating as they often come off as forced, and require irrational behavior from our cast to sell them. Beyond that, there’s not really much to sink into past its gimmick and the series never really lives up to its title. But is that last part really a bad thing?:

Gamers is True to Its Title, But Not in the Way You Might Think


Putting the “critically correct” before the “artistically effective” is a backwards, dogmatic view of artistic evaluation – don’t praise things because you’ve read they’re worthy of praise, praise them because what they do works in the grander context of that piece of media. Recently there’s been an increase in content that simply piggybacks the overwhelming praise that Made In Abyss has been receiving without offering much of an original voice. Thankfully, we found a write-up for you today that can touch upon MIA’s strengths in a manner that brings value from a less discussed angle – a deep look into recent staffing:



Yes, we can feel your eyes rolling already. First, I generally think you’ll get a lot more out of anime if you don’t shut yourself off to things that don’t conform to your immediate expectations. And second, I think any potential criticism of a given work will be a lot stronger if it comes from a place of actually engaging with what it wants to achieve, and giving it the benefit of the doubt. With that said, try to be open minded with this one and enjoy the well composed blog below:

Hajimete no Gal isn’t COMPLETE trash…


What to say when one friend deletes another from your group chat…
“Let’s talk it out.” Unless your friend was unironically suggesting that Knight’s & Magic is good, which in that case this move was for the best. This work has been lackluster for the majority of its run  – sputtering between limp characterization and underpowered plotting. Even if you turn a blind eye to how vapid most of the cast is or the malnourished narrative, the pacing is still disgusting. To give you an idea, we’ve already covered 3 books through 8 episodes…yeah studio 8-Bit is on fire with this adaptation.

What to say after you finish this week’s Re:Creators and
you’re a crying mess
“….” Seriously, you don’t have to say anything. Just let it all sink in. For awhile, Re:Creators has had a weird reputation in the community, starting off hot and then slowly fading fast to narrative and character pitfalls. But now, viewer perception of the works has really change with some even claiming it to be anime of the season (and even a few upping that to the year). So let this moment sit with you, internalize and hope Re:Creators can produce many more like it.

What to say when you hear that Ufotable’s founder
is apologizing for drunk Katsugeki! Tōken Ranbu tweets
“Really, that’s a thing?” Yes, yes it is. Token Ranbu might not be the action blockbuster that a decent amount of people expected coming into the Summer, but it’s certainly not a flop either. Seasonal Prattle is personally luke warm on the series, leaning more towards that flop side – so we completely understand if you put this work on hold after a few episodes or outright dropped it all together. Be that as it may, “the inappropriate tweets” from episode director Takuro Takahashi is causing quite the stir with fans nonetheless.

What to say when you find out how much some of the bigger pirating sites really make a month off of anime fans….
“Please donate some of that to me.” While it’s pretty easy to assume that some of the more popular pirating sites are pretty profitable – it’s hard to imagine they would be making THAT much in reality. Anytime they want to share their wealth with their viewers would be lovely.


Koi To Uso is wasting its premise. No really, it is


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9 thoughts to “Clarity: Weekly Insight (Aug 27th, 2017)

  • DerekL

    Watched the most recent eps of Abyss and Re:Creators back-to-back last night… Skipped catching up on Kombini Kareshi because I simply couldn’t take any more feels.

    • Prattle

      Respect for taking on this week’s Re:Creators and Abyss back to back. your feels must of been on a ride

      • DerekL

        And now after Princess Principal… I’m about empty of feels. It’s been a heck of a weekend.

  • Karandi

    Some nice posts as always. Thanks for sharing and pointing us toward interesting content.

    • Prattle


  • sonicsenryaku

    so Re:creators was considered a feelsy episode this week??? To be honest, nothing in this ep hit me on an emotional level. Why should i care about Charon’s plight? He literally just showed up for one episode for the sake of producing drama. That’s not to say that every source of drama needs to have all its characters to be fleshed out and dynamic; a character who hasnt had much time spent on them like Charon can still work in service of the narrative by engaging its audience through the way the more interesting characters react to their presence. It is herein lies the problem: Why should i care that Celestia cares? The show has done a poor job endearing me to her (even though she’s probably one the most dynamic of the creations; which isnt saying much). The drama lacks any real weight. This is why it’s important to have your character writing be on point The thing that bums me out is that on paper, the stuff happening was some pretty cool shit which is why ive stuck with Re;creators up until this point. It’s been a battle of between boredom and intrigue; two things i usually dont feel at the same time. It’s funny that a story about storytelling is so rough around the edges with it’s actual storytelling

    Now i know there are those that are probably going to say: “oh but re:creators is not so much about it’s characters than it is a commentary on the creative process”, to which i say “if that’s the case, then dont try to manipulate my emotions into feeling something for these characters cuz I dont care at this point” (and trust me, i really wanted to care this week). Most of the dramatic presence in this series falls on deaf ears for me. In addition, the point the show is trying to make is poorly conveyed; the “creative process” is explored in the most lackluster and derivative way possible; it’s commentary lacks any real poignancy besides a few glimmers here and there within the course of these 19 eps. Most of the “commentary” is mined for meta-quips and that just doesnt do it for me.

    • Prattle

      Yup it was. We ran through nearly twenty pieces of content on this episode (both video and text) and only two didn’t mention its emotional impact to some degree. Social Media and forum reception was also pretty similar.

      I appreciate your honesty and when I first started reading your comment, I was surprised you felt nothing. I was going to ask if you’re a cold machine, but then I read on lol. You explained your side pretty well and I can see why you wouldn’t care and why this episode didn’t pull on you.

      • sonicsenryaku

        hahahaha oh trust me im no cold machine: I was watching little witch academia: the enchanted parade ova this weekend and I d’awaaed like a 5 year old girl. That series has such a fundamental understanding of how to tell a story and endear its premise and characters to the viewer. I finished watching it exclaiming: why cant other anime (or shows in general) make it look that easy. Then again, I know enough about trying to tell/write stories so I know it’s not easy but still…..

        • Prattle

          Awww Sonic does have a heart!


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