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Pop Team Epic is available on every streaming service because we’re all going to see every frame of it as memes for free anyway.”  ~~ AniTwitter bringing the real truth to the table.




Yuasa’s ability to adapt existing material in the last calendar year continues to be unrivaled. He engages the projects he’s on with respect and finesse, keeping their core ideas but brazenly reimagining sequences and flow to his will. Large plot changes aren’t even necessary for him to produce something that feels like a unique adaptation, yet still maintains the themes of the original very efficiently. Devilman Crybaby may not be to everyone’s liking writing wise, but there’s still plenty to applaud here:

First Impressions – Devilman: Crybaby


Terrible construction and lazy execution really plagues any potential that Ito Junji: Collection could have possible had. Compound that with Souichi coming off as more comical than terrifying and awful visual choices like dunking key shots in a greenish sepia filter, and you have all the makings for a misfire from Deen:

A First Impression: Junji Ito Collection Episode 1


Command of pacing is vital in a show like this as it’s easier to lose your narrative’s rhythm than you’d expect. A gag that dwells too long, a plot beat too dramatic – all could break Yuru Camp and the sense of place it’s trying to achieve. Thankfully our writers navigate this episode well, never letting our atmosphere dissipate with sharp management of its genre elements. Yuru Camp is nothing compelling at the moment, but it’s highly efficient for those who are looking for its brand of warmth:

Snugglin’ up with episode one of Yuru Camp


As someone who hasn’t engaged with the original material, I can’t really say this product felt polished. A lot of Pop Team Epic’s inherent delivery of humour might be the cause of that, but the way jokes are framed and sequenced in the anime, I can’t help but feel the fall out lands on Aoki’s shoulders as a director. Shame to see this coming off so rough:

Winter 2018 Anime Season First Impressions: Pop Team Epic



What to say when your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight…
“When’s my next cheat day?” Hopefully it’s Saturday because there’s a bunch of delicious anime to digest then. While this past Saturday was particularly light, by next week when we’re in full swing, it will be the heaviest day with a double digit amount of works airing. Godspeed to our readers who like us, give everything airing a shot.

What to say when it’s freezing outside…
“That’s not the only thing that’s cold.”


Shinichi Omata

Not just the guy who directed back to back anime of the year contenders in the last two years with Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu and its sequel. He’s also the guy currently directing Grancrest Senki, which to be polite, isn’t exactly wowing viewers with its material so far. Talk about a downgrade.



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