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violet sabergarden?

violet evermordred?

artorias evergarden?” ~~ Are the “Violet Evergarden looks like Saber” comments getting old yet? I hope not.




I’ve described Lerche as proficient before when it comes to putting together their projects, and this premiere of Hakumei to Mikochi really embodied that. This episode felt like a canvas for them to show off – with an array of beautifully composed shots, creating lovely symmetries in their own frames or across the entire twenty minutes.

The writing isn’t left on the back burner either. Hakumei to Mikochi has a very tight grasp of tone, with every other plot beat being a visceral and textual mix to deliver its distinct whimsical material or to prop up its fully realized world. This is looking to be a joy to watch, a great fantasy/SoL piece with so many immediate craft rewards.

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Hakumei to Mikochi – Episode 1


I’m feeling comfortable with how well this show is using its very broad cast; basically everyone in this story feels both necessary to the narrative and like they contribute something unique character-wise to flavor it.

The relationship between Zenji and Ling looks promising, and this series has a loose enough, yet intriguing narrative, to be flexible without pushing away its target audience. How Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens ties and manages its character threads will likely make or break this series, but so far they at least did a decent job laying down the ground floor.

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Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens – 01



The consistently beautiful presentation almost conceals how well Violet Evergarden manages its base storytelling fundamentals, which are a lot more cleanly implemented than they’ll liley get credit for. Kyoto Animation’s devotes the right amount of screen time to build Violet, but never overextends to where her cuts are abrasive to the pacing or too meaty for a premiere.

The tone is steady, in the very capable hands of Taichi Ishidate and our plot beats are lean with few unnecessary sequences. Violet Evergarden is a polished production with a fine story to tell.

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First Impressions – Violet Evergarden


What to say when you finally finish a good book…
“Time well spent.” If you want time spent interacting with characters to feel meaningful and worthwhile, either those characters have to have a reasonable floor to build upon, or their dynamics have to be worthy enough to invest in. Koi wa Ameagari no You ni has enough going for it with its cast to carry its narrative without feeling too simplistic or boxed in. The narrative in a vacuum still needs works though and hopefully will prove to be more than serviceable with future material moving forward.

What to say when you accidentally stay up longer than you should…
“Bad idea.” I really would like to meet the series director who finished Hakyuu Houshin Engi’s premiere and casually leaned back in his office chair thinking to himself, “Yeah… this is worthy to be on the air.


For when you’re curious about how faithful Violet Evergarden is to its source material…
Here you go

For when you’re sick of hearing about Devilman and need a break from it…



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