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ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Am I supposed to like this couple? It’s dogshit. It’s boring. It’s bland. It’s uninteresting. It has no appeal.

I hope they both meet our good old friend Truck-kun.
” ~~ A real comment in response to the last episode of Just Because!

Needless to say viewers aren’t exactly happy with the ending. We don’t blame them.




There’s still plenty of fantastic animation, and beyond that, creative visual tricks here that all contribute to a good, coherent finisher, as opposed to a series of loosely related setpieces and plot beats. On a whole, Sunshine’s writing has also been pretty sturdy  – sure there might have been some lame jokes here and there, but at least they reside in some very enjoyable character spaces. Strong character writing plus sharp visual execution are a pretty great combo, making this last episode of Sunshine a fine treat.

What better way to celebrate this show’s ending but with all its Zuras:

Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 – Hanamaru “Zura” Compilation


What to say when you see yet another “best of 2017” list…
“Here we go again.” Look, we get it. Everyone at this point in time has some sort of reflective summary of 2017’s anime. Maybe they were cute and put a little spin on it – just doing the best openings from the year or the best couples instead of works overall. Either way it all remains the same. Each content creator and critic in the community basically has some sort of piece like this…and we’re no different. You can check out yet another best of 2017 anime list that we helped out with here if you can stomach one more.

What to say when it’s New Year’s Eve and you want to be fancy with champagne…
“How do I open this?” While you can easily tell your friends what anime was trash from this Fall, you may not be so good when it comes to one of New Year’s staples. That’s okay, Seasonal Prattle has your back. You don’t have to be a crusty weeaboo that can’t chill, pop and pour champagne. Check out this quick guide on the bubbly and learn how to really pop bottles with style. Cheers!



Not just another Fate entry with a red Saber on the cover, but the latest upcoming seasonal work that’s bound to be shoved down your throat on every forum and social media platform you use. The series is already the 4th most anticipated on My Anime List and second most anticipated among non sequels. So it might do you some good to learn about it now before your feed is filled up with variations of this.



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