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Ufotable is crying right now” ~~ AniTwitter spitting nothing but facts on Fate/Apocrypha after cuts like this.




While we haven’t had the most graceful storytelling or plotting, Animegataris consistently made its meta elements fun. Our finale was blessed with a higher concentration of absurd gags and silly expressional work, existing in its usual chaotic writing and rumbling along through really solid pacing. Not a bad job given that it’s an original from an inexperienced team:

Animegataris – 12 (END)


Am I the only one who is disappointed? Please tell me I’m not alone here. Early on, Children of the Whales had a lot of potential: Its sound design was fitting really hitting the appropriate tonal notes, its visual direction was crisp with enough fluency and flexibility to keep its narrative engaging and of course all the set pieces were lovely which only made this world more breathable. Sure the character writing could use some work, but there was enough base intrigue in our story to carry them. This series felt like it had all the tools to make something special happen but sadly missed the mark.

But hey, don’t let me bring you down if you enjoyed this one. There’s still plenty of critics who were happy with this finish:

Children of the Whales – 12


What to say when you still don’t have New Year’s Eve plans…
“I guess I’m catching up on anime.” Don’t worry, Seasonal Prattle has you covered. Check out what some critics are saying are the best and worst series this season.

What to say when you see that Kakegurui didn’t make 2017’s best anime faces
“Seriously?” I mean, Seasonal Prattle is all for stuff like Sana’s pout and Takao’s melt but are we really going to leave Kakegurui off the list entirely? Like there’s a ton of over the top expressional work to choose from pretty much every episode. They could have at least gave it an honorable mention.


Crunchyroll Awards

Not just an award show for anime, but a complete circus for anyone who even mildly disagrees with the results. Last year, virtually every major content creator and critic (plenty of smaller ones too) in the community raged about the selection process, nominees and ultimate results of the awards. For those who forgot, 2016’s awards pretty much amounted to a linear popularity contest with Yuri!!! On Ice dominating. With the award show back for 2017, we can only keep our fingers crossed that Crunchyroll learned from its previous fumble.



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