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Man… this is a crazy last few days for nerdom… first that thing going on with The Last Jedi and now this joke in an anime that’s making everyone go crazy on this site.

Just three more years… just three more years…” ~~ A pretty accurate response in the comment section to this little article.




And there we go. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou ends with one more stunning performance and a melancholic but nonetheless sincere and satisfying final sequence. Everything about this show has always been crisp, landing its tonal notes with relative ease and breathing enough life into this world to make it feel lived in. And this episode was the show at its best – letting all the details blend into a wonderful performance that resolved one last time to its thematic core:

Mildly Interesting: The Blasé Philosophy of Girls’ Last Tour


In hindsight, a lackluster ending of this caliber should have been expected given Junni Taisen’s quality coming into this week – but to completely drop the ball on the actual wish in the fashion that they did is just sickening. There was a ton of potential here for a bigger emotional payoff that Nisioisin’s ultimate decision with Rat didn’t reach:

Juuni Taisen: Satire or Joke?

I Think The Viewers Need Rat’s Wish


Really solid finale from Houseki no Kuni. This one wrapped up some character lines that have been baking for the last month and a half, but the real reward was how well these twenty minutes handled its more visceral touchstones. In an array of tidy composed shots and frames that all remained thematically relevant, studio Orange consistently proved that it’s just excellent working in the source material’s tighter spaces. Sad to see this go, especially with slim chances of a season 2:

Land of the Lustrous, Adaptation, and Touch Communication

Religious/Spiritual Undertones in Houseki no Kuni


What to say when you hear Inuyashiki is getting a live adaptation
“I-Is this for real.” For better or for worse, yes, yes it is. A few days ago Inuyashiki finished, and you know what? It was pretty awful. It takes a special level of incompetence to present a finale that rushed and tonally abrasive for twenty minutes. Between Trump’s cameo, Hiro casually reading Shounen Jump with his feet and a rather forced asteroid to close it all out – Inuyashiki’s finale felt like a cocktail of this series’ collective problems. It’s pretty clear by the credit roll that Oku painted himself into a concern that he couldn’t cleanly write himself out of.

What to say when you run out of eggnog …
“Mayday, mayday.” Unfortunately that’s not the only thing that’s running out. This Fall season is virtually dead, and with that, so is the year. So while you promise yourself to sign up for that gym that you’ll never go to in 2018, maybe you should promise yourself to do something that you’ll actually do…

…Like stay in your house and watch more seasonal anime…


Winter season is looking pretty good afterall.


For when you’re still suffering from MMO Junkie withdraw…
You’re not alone. Swing on by over here and give this podcast a listen.

For when you’re in the mood for a throwback…
Mahoujin Guruguru (2017) recently finished, and its score only keeps on going up. If you haven’t checked it out you should give it a shot. Still not convinced? Give this a read.

For when you’re in the holiday spirit…
Please give the gift of attention to  A Piece of Anime. They’ve been an enjoyable little blog that also touches on seasonal works for awhile now.



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    “…Like stay in your house and watch more seasonal anime…


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    I’ve recently found A Piece of Anime and I’ve been very happy with the blog’s content.
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