You Should Swear At Your Anime More Often
June 4th, 2017

As one of nine people on this planet who are still watching Frame Arms Girl unironically this season, I find myself saying “fuck you” pretty often at my computer.

And you know, I’m sure I’m not alone here.

Maybe it’s not specifically Frame Arms Girl, but I can bet there’s people out there that have sweared at one of Spring’s airing titles.

Eromanga Sensei, Clockwork Planet, Sagrada Reset, last week’s Attack on Titan episode where nothing fucking happened except for a bunch of cuts of armless Ehren yelling and Reiner’s babble etc.

You get the point, but here’s the kicker:

                   Swearing at these shows isn’t exactly a bad thing. No, not at all. Actually it’s quite the opposite.

As always, we like to start Clarity off with something different before we present you with this week’s seasonal content picks. So without further ado we’re bring you today recent research as to why swearing is actually a good thing and the benefits that can be gained from it.

Check it out here and don’t hold back on swearing at your anime more:

Swearing Can Boost Strength and Reduce the Sensation of Pain

Go Further Clearer-

Seasonal Prattle

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A “Classic” In The Making?

Re:Creators just continues to be an odd show in the community. It’s still very easy to point out critics that stay loving it for reasons that center around specific spurts of character work (mainly involving “the 3 M’s” Mamika/Meteora/Magane), while the general public still finds it pretty mediocre due to its lack of balance with its exposition and feeble construction of those outside of the 3 M’s (namely Sota).

Recently, popular critic Mother’s Basement released a video claiming the series to be a classic in the making, which spurred quite the potent response article on both the video and Re:Creators as a whole that’s definitely worth a look:

Understanding Storytelling: Can You Spin Gold from Generic Garbage & Re:Creators

The Best Sleeping Pills

It’s not Ambien, it’s actually Alice to Zouroku. The sad thing is I’m only half joking with that statement. J.C. Staff’s latest work has really found a rhythm for the mundane in one of the least interesting fashions as possible, bringing little value to a genre angle that’s been done by far better works recently, If you ever considered putting down Alice or possibly picking it back up then we recommend that you give this a read:


Uraraka’s Courage And Strength

Last week, there was an abnormally high amount of content focused on A Silent Voice’s film. It didn’t matter if it was text, audio or video almost every content creator or forum commenter had something to say about the work. This week, Boku no Hero Academia is in that position and rightfully so with Uraraka-Bakugo’s fight on display. Among the mountain of content that featured the battle, we found a pretty interesting piece that tackles the episode’s big fight in a different light:

Common Anime Features – Inclusion of Discriminatory Notions

Attack On Production

Given its popularity it’s more than worth your time to know some of the good people behind Attack on Titan’s recent episodes this season, not to mention – get more physical insight into the Studio Wit’s depiction of human behavior that has been center stage lately.


Akashic Records Plateauing?

It’s funny how Akashic Records has gone from being labeled as yet another garbage magical highschool LN adaptation from critics after its first episode, to a series that actually has some degree of value to those who watched on. Unfortunately that “value” seems to have come to a stalemate this week as this piece gracefully addresses:

Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor Episode 9

Soooo This Isn’t A Time Loop Story

While we’re not personally a fan of Sagrada Reset by any stretch here on Seasonal Prattle, the piece below is still pretty well crafted and intuitive to an alternate approach to common perceptions on the series. Its easy to digest formatting also makes it a nice read to give you information sleekly:

How Sagrada Reset Is Not a Time Loop Story (And Why That’s Important)

The Hate Train Is Still Strong

It’s no secret that there’s a decent concentration of hate towards Eromanga Sensei, even after arguably its best episode to date airing last week. However, not all hate is created equally. There’s no need to watch a 30+ minute video or scroll through endless comments in some thread or section to see if anyone was as disgusted with the series as you were this week. You can get all the hate you need here, neat and concisely:

Eromanga Sensei Just Became Earth Shatteringly Retarded

Love Tyrant Needs More Love

It’s certainly not the most clever, well built or finely tuned work to emerge from this season, but Love Tyrant has put together a more than reasonable level of entertainment and unconventional flair for the harem genre recently. Being a parody, this series has plenty of flexibility to flex its comedy beats – with episode nine hitting home on that:

Love Tyrant Episode 9

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4 thoughts to “Clarity: Choice Resources Of The Season (May 28 – June 3)

  • Karandi

    Thanks for sharing some interesting posts. The one about Sagrada Reset not being time travel was interesting.

    • Prattle

      No problem! I’m glad you found the Sagrada one interesting

  • RemyFool

    Thanks for the shout-out.

    They were all really great to read. Even if everyone has different opinions about the ongoing shows, all of this content definitely feature clear voices, which is the point of Clarity, right? I would call that a success!

    Also, it seems like Love Tyrant is flying under the radar. The last post I remember reading someone’s thought I’m the show was on your blog. That’s too bad.

    • Prattle

      You’re welcome!


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