The Most Pleasurable Way to Improve Your Life
May 28th, 2017

I know what you’re hoping this is about. But we’re actually talking about sleep here.

And seriously, sleeping is the best. Odds are you’re not doing enough of it, especially if you’re truly keeping up with this season’s anime or even worse – writing about and making content around it.

And that’s hurting you beyond the fact that it’s just a fantastic thing to do.

We live in a culture that celebrates burning the candle at both ends. We say “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” as a badge of honor. Problem is, you might be doing the “big sleep” sooner if you don’t sleep well while you’re alive.

It’s simply that important, yet it’s the one thing our community still seems to do uniformly bad.

It’s almost all too easy to “watch one more episode”, click on another Youtuber’s video or find yourself mindlessly scrolling a forum/social media platform late at night keeping you up longer.

Research shows that sleep is critical for maintaining brain function. As we sleep, the brain is eliminating the waste that accumulates in the course of daily life. If this doesn’t happen efficiently, your mental clarity and performance suffer in a big way.

So, if you think you’re getting more out of your time by staying up and doing more, the science says you’re actually better off doing less. Instead, sleep more, save the work or anime for tomorrow and call this extra effort to spend more time resting an essential aspect of your life … because it is.

That said and before we jump into this week’s hand picked anime resources, we’re going to start with something different:

“Weightless” is sometimes referred to as “the most relaxing song in the world,” and many scientists agree with that claim. A new study even found that the jam reduced the overall anxiety of female listeners by 65 percent.

I tend to listen to white noise and ocean waves to go to sleep, and it generally works pretty well. But I’ve always been open to trying something new — and so far this song has been effective for me.

The next time you find yourself up late at night close your eyes and press play on “Weightless” and start preparing to sleep. Your future self will thank you for it later and a more well rested you should lead to a healthier life in the long run

Check it out here:

This 8-Minute Song Is Practically Guaranteed To Help You Sleep

Go Further Clearer-

Seasonal Prattle

clarity: resources

Seasonal Statistics

It never hurts to take a quick peek at what larger patches of the community consider to be good heading into week 9 of the Spring season. Even more so, when the data is presented in an interesting, yet easily digestible fashion like the content below:

The Best and Worst of the Season So Far
Crunchyroll’s Top Spring Anime by State

Not About Taboo Sibling Romance

Through our filtering, we’ve come across a rather straight to the point – no nonsense piece that doesn’t reach for the low hanging fruit which is the common opinion on Eromanga Sensei’s narrative. The content here is nicely laid out and refreshing – offering a  different perspective that’s worthy of further attention:

Eromanga Sensei Isn’t Actually a Story of Taboo Sibling Romance

A Voice That Demands Eyes

To say A Silent Voice didn’t have an impact on the week’s anime content creation would be a vast understatement. Personally, while I was forming this issue of Clarity I  went through 23 pieces of content on the work alone, and I’m sure the other staff members at Seasonal Prattle had their fair share of run-ins with it too. This really comes at no surprise given Yamada’s beautiful touch on the work – capturing the exact truth of anxiety both as a personal issue and as it expresses itself in social situations by the time the credits rolled.

That said, we’re bringing you two pieces today, both of which are touching and cared for like the film itself:

The Flower Language Of A Silent Voice
Having Strength In Your Voice

Is It Worth Your Time?

Blame! has been interesting, receiving generally satisfying reactions from fans who are familiar with the source material while simultaneously being panned for its storytelling from those who just picked it up on the spot. If you’re on the fence with approaching this film and not exactly sure if it’s worth your time, then this piece is for you. It’s quick, hassle free and provides plenty of value for your decision making despite its length:

Is BLAME! Worth Your Time?

Return To Form

It’s been awhile since Berserk actually dished out an episode that encompassed the franchise’s essence from top to bottom, and even more so when a critic gave it credit for doing so in slick manner:

Berserk 20

The New York Times’ Anime Saga Continues

At this point this portion needs no introduction as The New York Times’ controversial anime article has reached fairly far corners in the community. Be that as it may, an excellent piece has emerged among all the noise to offer some enlightening thoughts on the matter:

Onward and Upward

Heroic Coverage

There’s a lot of content pumped out weekly on My Hero Academia, but few pieces that tackle the series in a way that brings added value to the reader. Concise writing and reviewing combined with production insight is simply an offer that you shouldn’t pass on:


A Turning Point

Saekano has had a handful of episodes this season that truly showed the finesse and poise of a work worth celebrating from top to bottom. Well this week, that all changed as Saekano stepped up to the plate and delivered an episode with plenty of heart and craft:

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Flat Episode 7

This King Needs More Peasants

Even with two months worth of material in the books, The King’s Avatar still remains fairly underappreciated. And that’s a shame given how much of a pleasure this show’s been in out of its action set pieces. If you have yet to give The King’s Avatar a chance, we highly recommend that you do so:

Why King’s Avatar Isn’t As Popular As It Could Be

A Swinging Pendulum

Re:Creators has really been a swinging pendulum in terms of community perception – with critics praising it for its conversational work and thematic efforts while viewers have trouble finding its narrative engaging enough to fully sink into. Late this week a well crafted piece surfaced that takes a pretty fair stance on what the series has currently been offering:

Re:Creators Remembers Love for Magical Girls

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8 thoughts to “Clarity: Choice Resources Of The Season (May 21 – 27)

  • Schizoidmouse

    Being out of commission for most of last week I did in fact miss a lot of these great reads, so I’m thankful for posts like these to allow me to catch up on what I missed. It is nice to read seasonal looks on different shows you have been watching, and maybe even pick up one that you missed. I know after reading the article from 100WordAnime from the last edition, that I will be giving KADO: The Right Answer a watch before it ends its run. And I will be trying out that Weightless song tonight while I attempt to sleep, hoping to get my internal clock back into shape.

    • Prattle

      I’m glad this post could be useful to you! And yeah, Kado is definitely worth the time despite its initial appearance.

      Personally, I’ll be listening to Weightless tonight as well 🙂

  • Karandi

    Thanks for sharing some great links.
    About the only thing that helps my sleep is seasonal change. Going into winter in Australia means I’ve moved from averaging just over 4 hours of sleep a night to 5 due to extra darkness and an unwillingness to get out from under the cover. It’s insufficient by any standard but isn’t a result of my wanting to sit up and I’ve tried pretty much everything to correct it. Still, it does make the few times I crash for 7 hours feel like absolute luxury.

    • Prattle

      Hold on, you only average 4-5 hours of sleep? Karandi…

  • Izanaginookami

    Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. And yet, here I am, reading blog posts because I’m an idiot (not because of your post, but because I’m reading it instead of sleeping, naturally). Actually, I think this is truly dangerous: after my first sleepless night, I felt so great because I actually used 7 hours that I usually *waste* sleeping, and I love efficiency. This made me think that I could always not sleep and do whatever I wished during the day, even now, I’m becoming less and less worried about what I SHOULD do, postponing it until I say, “oh, welp. This will be another long night”. Which is absolutely wrong and bad.

    Ok, I’ll stop here or I’ll contradict myself. I need another outside force to change my bad habit…
    Well then, good night (if you see me again lurking in your blog, please kick me out, only if some hours haven’t passed at least, that is).

    • Prattle

      Goodnight Izanagi, I hope you sleep well!

  • RemyFool

    I really do love these Clarity posts. I’m so glad you and your team have started doing this!

    I will have to listen to that Weightless song, but I usually have no problem falling right asleep. It’s just that I lack the self-control to put the phone or laptop away…

    • Prattle

      I actually listened to Weightless last night about ten minutes before going to bed, and it does work pretty well.

      I have issues getting offline and putting down my devices at night too.


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