A Pitfall We Sink Into All Too Often
May 21st, 2017

You know, I think “should” is a dirty word. For some reason, the things you should do never seem to be the things you want to do.

Over the course of this season, I often found myself using anime to “take breaks” from my work and responsibilities even if it was just for an hour.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have done that (and you likely shouldn’t either) but unfortunately that’s hindsight.

My anime breaks started taking their toll on my productivity pretty quickly as I became more comfortable with allowing them into my life.

And when I wasn’t directly watching anime, I was in MAL’s threads discussing, on social media responding, checking Reddit or somehow finding myself in the comment section of an Ani-YouTuber quickly burning more time away.

That said, for the first issue of  Clarity – our new series of posts where we sort through the quicksand of  current seasonal content and bring you the gems  – we’re going to start off with something a little different, yet something that a decent amount seasonal anime watchers fumble with:


Now this is no fluffy listicle — we’re talking a list of clean, actionable points that you can use right now to get more done and transitively – have a healthier balance between your seasonal watching and your other priorities in life.

Check it out here:

4 Productivity Tips That Changed My Life This Year

Go Further Clearer-

Seasonal Prattle

clarity: resources

Steadily Picking Up Love

Tsuki ga Kirei has been an interesting series in the community, first slipping under the general public’s radar for its opening three weeks and then slowly solidifying itself as a praiseworthy work in the eyes of  many bloggers and bigger known critics alike. From the small character exchanges to the larger dramatic beats, nearly every element studio Feel puts forth in this series is tightly calibrated to articulate the lived poignancy of its cast. This week, Tsuki ga Kirei opted for a recap episode which allows us the perfect time to refresh ourselves to why this Spring original is so special and highly regarded:

Head Space – The Steady March of “Tsukigakirei”

A Quick Pulse On The Season

While we don’t read too much into scores here at Seasonal Prattle, it’s still interesting to see how a sizable sample of viewers are rating the airing titles on a week to week basis. But what makes this article especially interesting is the manner in which its tracked and graphed that offers more value than typical scoring charts:

The Best and Worst of the Season So Far

The Lifeblood

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the heart of a series. We take for granted what the hardworking staffing units and production teams offer on a week to week basis to fulfill our seasonal needs. Thankfully Sakuga Blog is here to thrust these good folks into the spotlight – delivering a well timed piece that preps its readers for potentially well crafted episodes heading into week eight. From Eromanga Sensei to Boku no Hero Academia, there’s plenty of episodes to keep an eye out for here based on their future staff:

Anime Staff Rundown May/June 2017

It’s More Than Just The Right Answer, It’s Good

Kado: The Right Answer has continuously been trapped in a void of mild recognition since its launch. And that’s a shame since the series has shaped up to be such a sturdy and intriguing piece of work for its genre space. If you put Kado down earlier this season, or are currently on the fence about watching it – we completely recommend that you give this a read:

Mid-Season Thoughts On ‘KADO: The Right Answer

Accuracy In A Single Sentence

This piece really speaks for itself. No clickbait, no games, no tricks. “Boruto Is Basically What Naruto Would’ve Looked Like if the World Had Been at Peace.” The content here is very straightforward, really diving at the rather tame and plain laced narrative that Boruto has offered thus far, while still hitting home that this work rides heavily on its predecessors coattails:

Boruto Is Basically What Naruto Would’ve Looked Like if the World Had Been at Peace.

Power In The Finish

SukaSuka had a rather solid outing this week, offering an episode that showed off directorial flair while reviving a competent dynamic between Willem and his old companion. This series still shows plenty of emotional intelligence and for the second week in a row – demonstrated that it’s more than capable of closing out its weekly twenty minutes in strong fashion:

Let’s Talk SukaSuka (ep 6)

A Great Response To  The New York Times’ Anime Article

Early this week, and for those who aren’t aware, The New York Times published a fairly controversial article using Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor as its prop.  Well just the other day a very competent response article surfaced on the subject:

What The New York Times’ Anime Article Gets Wrong

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

At this rate it feels like Sakura Quest will never drop the ball. This series has just been a steady delight, pumping out another well founded episodes full of great character work and incidental conversations.

Sakura Quest – Ep. 7 Review

It Only Gets Better

Virgin Soul is an absolute pleasure – full of fun action setpieces and a real sense of both fantasy invention and narrative momentum from start to finish. This week’s episode encapsulated what makes this show so special just like this well crafted piece on it:  

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul – 07


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6 thoughts to “Clarity: Choice Resources Of The Season (May 14 – 20)

  • Karandi

    Thanks for sharing some great links, and the shout out for Kado. I rewatched the first six episodes last night due to the absence of a new episode to watch, and just fell more in love with the series than I already was.

    • Prattle

      Thank you for creating!

      Kado really does deserve more attention and I’m happy you put so much energy into your piece.

  • sonicsenryaku

    I dont know how i feel about the new look of the website but i love the direction this blog seems to be going. Rarely do we have a blog that can point others to helpful anime sources and reviewers. If there could be a giant network that pointed fans of this medium to multiple places where they could become more learned about whats airing and about the medium in general, this would make the community, and the medium grow in such a robust way

    • Prattle

      Thank you Sonic!

      Hopefully the new look grows on you in time (it took me a bit to get use to the color scheme myself), but I’m glad that you enjoy the direction.

      I realized not everyone has time to check every anime blog / Youtube channel / podcast etc or be subscribed to them all, so I’m hoping that I can take that hassle away from people and do that job for them. Like you said, this blog can become like a sort of weekly resource for seasonal anime content and those who are interested in learning about it in a more readily fashion.

      I look forward to digging through all the seasonal content that comes out this week and bringing you the best of it this Sunday 🙂

      • sonicsenryaku

        Thanks; at this point you should start getting paid for this

        • Prattle

          You’re welcome!


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