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June 11th, 2017

Hey there, how’s it going? Fantastically, I hope.

Recently, Seasonal Prattle has received a lot more readers for this series and we would just like to say thank you for that.

If you’re a relatively new reader to this segment, “Clarity” is virtually an article that is a collection of this week’s seasonal anime content in a streamline, clear fashion.

With so many anime Youtube channels, blogs and podcasts out there now at days – we realize that it’s a bit of a hassle to be subscribed to everything (let alone keep up with it all) and that’s where we come into play.

Twice a day every day, we make our way around the anime community, picking out the higher quality pieces of content in our travels – and assembling it to you the reader here for your pleasure.

In Clarity there are no pictures beyond what you saw above, no gimmicks, no distractions. It’s just raw, valuable seasonal anime content ready to be quickly absorbed at your convenience.

Additionally, at the start of each article, we like to offer our readers something slightly out of their zone yet beneficial to them as a person to help them go further.

This week, since I opened with the subject, I would just like to share a little on the power of saying thank you.

As a community we seriously don’t say it enough to the content creators that produce for us, and even more so for the men and women who work hard to make the anime that we enjoy.

With that said, there’s a lot of merit in simply saying thank you, and if you take a second, you can see for yourself here:

The Benefits Of Gratitude: Why Saying Thank You Matters

Go Further Clearer-

Seasonal Prattle

clarity: resources

Yutaka Nakamura And My Hero Academia Is A Wonderful Combination 

Episode 10 of My Hero Academia s2 showcased exactly what a talented animator can do when bringing to life a highly anticipated fight. Nakamura’s work on Deku-Todoroki’s brawl was fantastic and well cared for, just like the piece below that covered the spectacle:

Todoroki’s Secret Weapon: Studios BONES’ Yutaka Nakamura

Kado Continues To Be An Impressive Original

Between its scripting and execution, Kado absolutely delivered in episode nine – commanding viewer attention from the start all the way down to its well placed reveal. Paul Jensen’s piece on this episode really captures how it shined without being too bloaty or wordy:

KADO – The Right Answer Episode 9

Berserk 2017 Is Awful, There We Said It

But we’re not the only ones who think that way. Berserk 2017 has been an up and down ride with more downs than ups – sharing a lot of the same issues that plagued Berserk 2016. In this well composed video, these very faults are touched on in response to their counterpoints. Each argument against the series illustrated here is elegantly conveyed and easily worth the watch:

Berserk 2017 Is Still Terrible

Let’s Talk Comedy In Akashic Records

Because it really isn’t being touched upon enough. One of the better selling points of this series is without a doubt its comedy. This isn’t to say the series is overwhelmingly hilarious, but its comedic beats are very effective in relation to its material and deserves credit for that. Let this well formatted piece let you learn why:

Why the Comedy in Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor Shines

Studio WIT’s Hit Isn’t Exactly Hitting Everyone Favorably

It’s pretty arguable that Attack on Titan’s second season isn’t as enticingly paced or scripted as the first, and even more so that the product is just wholly weaker in and out of production.
The thing is, it’s hard to find content that really drives home on its issues, but this week we stumbled across just the right one. This piece is confident, holding its stance firm despite being an unpopular opinion:  


SukaSuka Had A Decisively Strong Showing

SukaSuka has almost entirely cut out its dumb light novel gags, aimed its focus squarely on greater character drama, directly challenged its lead’s perspective and increased the presence of the show’s best characters all in one swoop. This SukaSuka review really embodies the strengths of a solid showing from the adaptation’s latest offerings:

Let’s Talk SukaSuka (ep 9)

Don’t Sleep On Virgin Soul

“It’s no newsflash, but Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul is really damn good.”

While that article quote sums things up rather well, it’s not the only thing that’s really good here. This piece of content does a great job at highlighting Virgin Soul’s mix of narrative highs and understated storytelling, all without dragging on or wasting the reader’s time:

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul – 10

Take A Moment And Respect The Visuals

Using My Hero Academia as a launching pad, this piece tackles a topic that all seasonal watchers should respect – the importance of visuals in our medium. Josh Dunham puts up an excellent effort to push out his point of view, expressing himself in a crisp way that really makes his points resonate:

Anime Visuals Matter a Whole Lot Actually…


To be perfectly honest, while Re:Creators isn’t exactly a bumbling production – it certainly could be a lot better in multiple departments. Blogger Irothtin’s piece gets at this, taking nips at last week’s showing while still toting a carefree and less rigid tone which makes it a rather pleasant read to follow:

Re:CREATORS Episode 9

Little Witch Academia’s 22nd Episode Is A Stunner

Its grander reveal aside, this week’s Little Witch Academia had plenty going for it in its emotional voicing – an aspect that this neatly constructed piece brings to the forefront. The content here isn’t messy or uninviting, carrying a narrative spine that’s easy to sit down and invest into:

Little Witch Academia on inspiration (again), Panda and the Magic Serpent, and Episode 22

Do You Really Know Why Dragon Ball Super Is So Popular?

The answer may seem obvious at first, given its predecessors’ status in the community – but let’s just say things are a little more nuanced than that. This piece below does a good job at exploring some of the more finer elements to this classic franchise’s recent success:

Why Dragon Ball Super is Super Popular

Natsume Doesn’t Falter

While Natsume Yuujinchou Roku took an emotional step back, episode nine was still fairly enjoyable, giving enough interesting beats for viewers to embrace while demonstrating steady control over both its atmosphere and tone. The following article details this in a fat free, straight to the point manner:

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku – 09

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8 thoughts to “Clarity: Choice Resources Of The Season (June 4 – June 10)

  • Karandi

    Thanks for sharing some great links.

    • Prattle

      You’re welcome Karandi! Thank you for giving it a read 😀

  • Izanaginookami

    I actually didn’t understand what “clarity” posts were, just speculated that they were an union of life advices and the best about Anime. So, thanks for the clear explanation, I’m lazy and didn’t have the drive to search for its origin.

    That aside. Yeah, I wholly agree: thanking is truly important. Having something yours appreciated is extremely… fulfilling. Not to mention, it’s just the natural thing to do when you wish to express your gratitude, so it’s good for both parties. Or at least, that’s what I think: whether I read a translated chapter of a LN I read, I always say my thanks first, because I really respect translators’ hard work. That is true for everyone who contributes to the Otaku community though.

    Berserk is awful as always, but the latest 2D shots were quite good. That’s all though, the anime is… dragged forward thanks to its story. Just like many other awful adaptation… (I’m looking at you, studio Deen of 2006).

    I don’t particularly like Shingeki no Bahamut, though lots of people say it’s really good, I just can’t find it appealing, but for some scenes. I love the figure of Jeanne d’Arc (I won’t lie: it’s mainly because of Fate), and this week episode was amazing even for me. It spiked in my mental ranking.

    “Re:Creators…Lacking?” Whatever others say, it’s a masterpiece, says this otaku almost proudly while trying to imitate Misaka’s clones’ style because why not. Funny how someone called me crazy on that very post, but hey, I am crazy, just like any other hard fan boy talking about his object of worship.

    • Prattle

      Well I’m glad this post could clear that up for you!

      It makes me happy to hear that you’re saying thank you to the translators. You deserve a thank you yourself for that. Thank you Izanagi for being a good person in this community!

      -Yeah, it really is a shame and let’s not remind ourselves of 2006 Deen… those were dark days

      -Well I’m glad you were able to find some enjoyment out of Virgin Soul, even if it’s mainly because of the Fate ties

      -Ahhh I see your love for Re:Creators is as strong as ever, I’m guessing you really enjoyed yesterday’s episode then?

      • sonicsenryaku

        Im sorry; re:creators remains wholly average even after ten eps; visual direction, writing, etc. But you know what? that’s not too much of a bad thing. Being “average” is not bad but there is so much more potential that this show could have and i think that’s where the disappointment begins to overpower the feeling of enjoyment for some people while watching the show. For me, those two feelings are fairly balanced which furthers my whole feeling about the show just being……average

        • Prattle

          I agree that the show does feel like it has a ton of potential but it’s just leaving so much on the table. It is pretty disappointing in that aspect

  • Irothtin

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out.

    • Prattle

      No problem, thank you for writing such enjoyable content 🙂


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