Maybe You’re Just An Introvert?

June 25th, 2017

Hi, my name is Prattle … and I’m an introvert.

And I’m sure there are plenty of other anime fans that are too.

Now, if you met me at a party or saw me outside, you wouldn’t conclude that I’m the shy type. Of course, introversion isn’t about shyness necessarily — it’s about the effect that being around other people has on us.

Introverts are more sensitive to stimulation than extroverts. So while extroverts thrive on the energy of social interaction, for introverts it’s a draining experience that requires us to retreat and recharge. We don’t hate people, but we do hate small talk and shallow conversation.

Culturally, extroversion has been historically seen as desired or “normal,” while introversion was deemed strange or “abnormal.”

In recent years more people have come to realize that’s simply not true, and further understand that introverts have many advantages when compared with extroverts in life.

Which brings us to the question of how do we end up as either extroverted or introverted in the first place? Turns out it’s largely genetic, or a biogenic influence on our personalities.

In fact, there’s a simple test you can do to confirm that your level of introversion is genetic:

  1. Collect an eyedropper, a Q-Tip, a piece of thread, and some concentrated lemon juice.
  2. Tie the thread to the center of the Q-Tip and let it balance horizontally.
  3. Swallow several times to clear out saliva, and put one end of the swab on your tongue for 20 seconds.
  4. Next, place five drops of concentrated lemon juice on your tongue, and then place the other end of the swab on that portion of your tongue for another 20 seconds.

For extraverts, the Q-Tip will remain horizontally balanced hanging from the thread. For introverts, the lemon side will dip from the weight of the extra saliva that resulted from reaction to the stimulation. Fascinating, huh?

When it comes to introversion and other major personality traits, it’s often just the way we’re wired. And if that’s the case, how is it that some people can overcome their introversion and “perform” like an extravert for limited periods of time?

Just like all of the Big Five personality traits, extroversion/introversion is a spectrum, not a binary condition. Ambiverts reside in the middle of that spectrum, and are generally more successful than gregarious extroverts.

But true introverts can perform as well as ambiverts with people if they inherently want to.

Even though the roots of an introverted personality type are genetic (biogenic) and can be looked down upon culturally, leading to uncomfortably fake extroversion (sociogenic), there is a third major influence on how we behave.

Dr. Brian Little is a professor with expertise on human personality and well being.

He’s the author of “Me, Myself, and Us”, an amazing speaker, and — according to him — a raging introvert. In his acclaimed classes and presentations, Little can “turn it on” like an extrovert for the duration of the session. Then he retreats, much like I do.

Little’s own research reveals the third major influence on our personalities: our free traits — or idiogenic qualities — that we express through personal hobbies such as anime watching.

These are the activities and behaviors we choose to pursue because we are intrinsically motivated to do so, leading to behavior that is “out of character.”

That’s how introverts can choose to perform and socialize as if we are extroverts — for limited periods of time. It’s also how inherently disagreeable people can choose to be pleasant in certain situations, how people who are generally closed off to new experiences can pursue an adventure, and how highly conscientious people can throw caution to the wind for a weekend.

These free traits and the intrinsic motivation to do more of what we love and improve our-self, is a big part of what we advocate here with Clarity.

So thank you for joining me this week to get the most out of this anime season, along with getting a little further ahead in the process to improve as a person. I won’t keep you from the seasonal anime resources that we found below any longer. Enjoy!

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Seasonal Prattle

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Tsuki ga Kirei Shining Bright

This week displays our leads at their essential cores with flying colors. Kotaro’s mix of self-conscious, general awkwardness, and goofy celebrations of his smallest victories make him feel flawed but endearing at nearly all times, while Akane’s relationship anxiety post school transfer flows nicely, resulting in consistent drama from start to finish. All of this is just at the heart of a great episode which makes it an easy twenty plus minutes to love as illustrated in this well crafted piece we discovered among our travels:

Tsuki ga Kirei – 11

Virgin Soul’s Azazel Is Absolutely Elevating The Show

It’s hard to craft a character that’s so impactful with the time they’re allowed when that very time is often divided. Azazel has been more than good, dominating solo scenes and propelling the rest of the cast consistently to new heights when he’s sharing the big screen. Let this useful, no nonsense piece fill you in all about it:

Why Azazel from Rage of Bahamut Steals the Show

Little Witch Academia – On Game Point

One more episode and Trigger’s two cour magical ride comes to an end. So naturally it’s important that LWA uses its time wisely, right? Well this week they did just that, presenting a wonderful heart to heart sequence between Akko and Chariot that really brought a smile to our faces – just like this article covering the moment. There’s no overly wordy paragraphs, gimmicks or tricks – only pure love shown here:

Little Witch Academia (TV) – 24

But What About Grimoire of Zero?

One of the best writing lessons I’ve learned in life is to eliminate fluff. It’s challenging and takes work, but it makes for a significantly better composition in terms of digestion. There is nothing better than a brief, to-the-point blog post or article that wastes little time expressing itself, especially when its topic concerns one of Spring’s lesser covered works:

Grimoire of Zero Episode 11

Quan Zhi Gao Shou Is Sadly Still Under People’s Radar

Now complete, we at Seasonal Prattle can wholeheartedly say that this work was quite the enjoyable ride – featuring an all around production that’s higher on the shelf than you may initially think. Unfortunately though, Quan Zhi Gao Shou still gets little recognition, which is why we’re enamored with this competent piece that popped up a few days ago doing it justice:

Quan Zhi Gao Shou – The Fictional Rise of eSports

Last Call For Attack On Titan

I likely don’t have to tell you, but when Attack on Titan season 2 finished there was more than enough content being pumped out on it. Whether that be in the form of popular videos, small ones or various blogs, there was plenty of Titan to go around.  But here at Seasonal Prattle, we don’t just look for any old content, we look for good content. Good content is content that goes that extra mile and delivers you higher value – for example; basic content may get read, fine content may great read and shared, but good content is content that will get read, shared and talked about as it approaches its subject matter from an angle like no other:


The Nature Of Heroism In Hero Academia

I really love coming across thoughtful pieces when I do my bi-daily content  runs through the anime community. Content that flows nicely along its topic is harder to find than not, as a lot of content tends to speak a rather plain “reviewerish” language when conveying the writer’s thoughts and feelings. Here, we have a different approach on an interesting read of easily one of the biggest faces of the Spring Season:

It’s Not About Being First! The Nature of Heroism in “My Hero Academia!”

Let’s Turn Our Attention To Re:Creators

And more specifically Sota. You know, Sota gets a lot of hate and for pretty fair reason.  During a large chunk of Re:Creators’ run he’s been rather textureless, nearly to the extent where it becomes hard to actually consider him the lead of the show. Even when Troyca does take their shot at flavoring his character, Sota’s time with Altair’s creator isn’t poignant, it’s overwrought and surprisingly formulaic. However, there is a defense here. We’ve come across an article that’s emotionally charged and powerful, worthy of reading for any Sota fans out there:

Raging Rant: It’s Time to Stop Whining About Re:Creator’s Sota

KADO: The Right Direction

KADO’s been a series that’s stumbled a little bit over its last couple of weeks, but with its recent episode it seems to have taken a step forward not only narratively, but with the community as well. Sure there’s still complaints about the romance and grumblings surrounding Saraka’s character – but the series appears to be shifting back to its main premise of negotiation heading into its finale:

KADO – The Right Answer Episode 11

Eromanga Sensei…And Saekano?

Yes, both in one interesting piece for your pleasure. With Eromanga Sensei ending yesterday, there’s bound to be a high influx of content coming the community’s way over the next few days. So let’s warm you up now with this crossover article that puts the light harem against one of its own kind from the Spring:

Eromanga vs Saekano: Show, Not Tell

Glancing Ahead To Summer 2017

With the Spring season just a week away from truly being over, it’s about time to look towards newer works. The content below is pretty straight to the point – presenting itself as a well formatted list that we heavily agree with of series that deserve your attention for the Summer. Take a look, it only runs six minutes so it’s very friendly on your precious time:

Top 10 Upcoming Summer 2017 Anime

Lastly Let’s Talk Seasonal Stats

To close Clarity out, go ahead and take a second and see how your favorite airing titles are doing . The results may surprise you 🙂

The Best and Worst of the Season So Far

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2 thoughts to “Clarity: Choice Resources Of The Season (June 18 – June 24)

  • Karandi

    That was really interesting about the whole saliva test thing and I’m kind of curious as to how that works in real life. Of course, I kind of don’t want lemon juice anywhere near me as I already know that all that’s going to do is make me gag (hate citrus) so I’ll probably pass on actually trying this one out.
    Thanks as always for an interesting read and for sharing some great links – thanks for linking to my post as well.

    • Prattle

      It just works based on saliva build up.

      Thanks for reading Karandi! I look forward to your thoughts on Kado as it finishes up.


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