Why Smart Habits Beat
Ambitious Goals Hands Down  
June 18th, 2017

We all have goals, right? Both anime related and not, although thinking in terms of reaching a goal isn’t always the right way to think about becoming a better you.

Research shows that pursuing clearly defined goals sometimes motivates people to lie, cheat, and otherwise engage in short-term thinking to overcome obstacles.

That’s the problem of focusing on results over process. In other words, allowing your ego to strive for becoming instead of doing.

For example, in the arena of fitness, we say we want to lose 20 pounds instead of focusing on the day-to-day mechanisms of eating well and exercising regularly. That’s the difference between an outcome goal and a behavioral goal.

And what is a behavioral goal anyway? It’s the desire to develop a beneficial habit that sticks. Developing the habit is what’s key, because it’s beneficial whether you achieve the exact outcome or not, and means you’ll maintain the outcome you do achieve.

Recently a writer named Shane Parrish pointed out that the distinction between habits and goals is not semantic, because each requires different forms of action.

His examples:

  • We want to learn a new language. We could decide we want to be fluent in 6 months (goal), or we could commit to 30-minutes of practice each day (habit).
  • We want to read more books. We could set the goal to read 50 books by the end of the year, or we could decide to always carry one (habit).
  • We want to spend more time with family. We could plan to spend 7 hours a week with family (goal), or we could choose to eat dinner with them each night (habit).

There’s a reason why the heading of Seasonal Prattle’s Homepage is “Go Further Clearer.”

We seriously want you to do that this anime season and beyond in life in general – which is exactly why we have this section to prime you before the weekly resources that await you below.

So keep in mind, getting better is all about what you do on your journey and the habits you form along the way, not where you ultimately arrive.

Go Further Clearer-

Seasonal Prattle

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Taking The Community’s Temperature

We always enjoy well presented statistics here at Seasonal Prattle, especially when they correspond with people’s enjoyment of the current season. While this isn’t representative of everyone’s opinion on the season, the sample size is certainly big enough to put reasonable stock into:

The Best and Worst of the Season So Far

Kado, Down For The Count?

The response to Kado this week is highly divided and for good reason. While the series has taken a recent off hand direction, entailing more cliches in addition to a keener romantic angle, it had enough tact and finesse to keep its new found perspective sturdy. Let this straight to the point article tell all about it :

KADO – The Right Answer Episode 10

Saekano At Its Finest

This week’s Saekano had plenty of pop, drilling deeper into the secondary cast’s relationships instead of twiddling its thumbs like most light novel harem adaptations do at this stage in the season. This piece had just as much pop as the episode itself, covering this series; latest contributions in smooth fashion:

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ – 10

Let’s Take A Minute And Reassess Sagrada Reset

It can be a little challenging for some to really put together how exactly Sagrada Reset took its turn this week given how the series dramatically pumped up its narrative. Thankfully this clean cut piece is here to help elaborate on exactly what happened in a very consumable way:

How the Characters Sagrada Reset Pulled Off the Impossible

Re:Creators – How Meta Can One Anime Get?

No honestly, that’s the heart of this piece in addition to its title. Every now and then during  our journey of navigating the vast seas of anime content, we come across rarer –  intriguing pieces like this that are certainly worth the time. We recommend you give this one a look even if you are a little behind in the series:

Re:Creators – How meta can one anime get?

The Moon Was More Than Beautiful This Week

Tsuki ga Kirei has simply been a machine, pumping out graceful episodes filled with eloquent character work, close knit conversations and finely crafted dramatic peaks. This piece details all of that and more, leaving little stone unturned in a wonderful episode for Spring’s top romance:

Tsuki ga Kirei – 10

Production Prowess

“The end of an anime season causes key staff to give the best treatment possible to their shows, but also means that by this point most productions have become messy and the information about them becomes scarce and less reliable. Let’s try to make sense out of it, while noting the episodes that are shaping up to be particularly strong.”

The following piece is fairly vital to any seasonal watcher, especially when it comes in such clean formatting for maximum digestibility:


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