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July 30th, 2017

Greetings from the land of illness!

I don’t remember ever being this sick, but I must of caught something overnight. It looks like I’ll live, but I’ll be taking it easy in the meantime.

So today, I’ll keep this bit short before jumping into this week’s anime resources that we dug up.

As you know, a big part of Clarity is to help you go further as a seasonal watcher (by clearly guiding you to worthwhile content on airing anime) in addition as a person in general (by improving you overall).

So what better way to do that then to boost your ability to learn?

We all want to learn things, and a lot of the time it isn’t just anime related. New languages, physical skills, history, math, writing, games, so much more. But obstacles stand in our way. Let’s take them on this week:

The 4 Keys to Learning Anything

Go Further Clearer-

Seasonal Prattle

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Hero Academia Just Keeps On Getting Better And Better

Hero Academia has simply been on fire lately, nailing satisfying action fundamentals and gracefully positioning its cast on a stage worthy of the dramatic weight that the material was going for. This second season has been an absolute pleasure, and so has our search through this week’s load of content centered around it. With so much passion, value and insight being dished out by content creators lately – we couldn’t just settle with one piece for you here!:


Bakugo Has Matured.. A Little (My Hero Academia)

Please Tell Me You’re Watching Made In Abyss

I’m sorry, but if you haven’t watched Made In Abyss at this point – I’m not exactly sure what you’re doing as a seasonal watcher. This series just checks off so many boxes, whether you want to point to craft elements in production or look ahead to how tightly its storytelling is delivered – this work is pleasing time and time again. With that said, take some time to look over this elegant and concise piece if you’re still having doubt on picking it up:

Why You NEED to Watch Made in Abyss

Dragon Ball Super Is All The Talk Right Now

Granted, there’s always a lot of chatter around Dragon Ball Super – especially if you frequent the shounen side of YouTube – but this week was especially loud. And rightfully so given what episode 100 threw down on the table. Not sure what I’m talking about? Don’t worry, this neatly packaged article can fill you in on everything you need to know:

Dragon Ball Super’s Hundredth Episode Shows Just How Badass Our New Female Super Saiyans Are

Sexual Abuse, Netsuzou Trap & You

To be completely fair, those claiming “Netsuzou Trap isn’t a typical yuri anime” are pretty right. So sure, Hotaru and Yuma’s relationship may not exactly match what you expect from the cover, but it offers a different shade of value and entertainment nonetheless. This series seems to be dealing with a very important issue: the cycle of sexual abuse. The blog below may not fully emphasize that factor, but it still does a pretty good job at driving home what this series had to offer from this past week while keeping it in mind:

Netsuzou Trap Episode 4 Review – “…I’m Cheating, Too?”

Behind Welcome To The Ballroom’s Curtains

At this point in time, discussing Welcome To The  Ballroom’s strengths almost feels likes an echo: It’s just such a carefully crafted and well touted show on a week to week basis that those who are engaging with it are well aware by now what this work is offering. Be that as it may, that doesn’t stop the great content centering around it in a positive fashion from rolling in. Take a second to check out this interview, we’re sure it will be worth your time:

Interview: The Staff of Welcome to the Ballroom

18if Deserves A Second Look

If you’re one to take stock in scores, than you may have ignored 18if due to its fairly low MAL rating. Critically, the series doesn’t have much support either – so if you turn your attention that way, you’ll likely be more repelled than attracted to this one as well. The truth is, 18if is a lot better than what it’s getting up front. Most viewers hardly made it past episode one, but if you do, it’s not hard to see that this series has potential. If you’ve dropped 18if than you may want to reconsider and take a peek at this piece:

Within the Land of Dreams: Exploring the Fascinating Worlds of 18if

Simply Put, Tsuredure Children Is A Summer Bright Spot

Anime shorts tend to get ignored by a decent portion of the community, but through these first four weeks Tsuredure Children is easily just as entertaining as any full-length work. Each episode always brings consistent, charming dialogue and a distinct personality to its characters despite running so many small individual skits. Building off of that, Hiraku Kaneko is in firm control of this series’ direction and Gokumi has yet to produce any tonal hiccups – keeping it healthy behind the scenes:

Why It Works: Tsuredure Children and the Mechanics of Dialogue, Part One

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