Patience Is Power

July 23rd, 2017

Delaying gratification is hard.

You may have seen the adorable videos of kids in Walter Mischel’s classic experiments, in which one marshmallow is placed in front of a child.

The child is told that the experimenter will leave the room and that the child will get two marshmallows if he or she simply avoids eating the marshmallow while the experimenter is out.

The children in the video go through all kinds of gyrations to keep themselves from eating that one marshmallow.

People in general also have a lot of trouble delaying gratification: We pay extra to get faster delivery from online stores. And we accept small rewards in the present rather than waiting for longer rewards in the future.

This holds especially true for seasonal anime watchers. We like watching our anime on a week to week basis, and rather not wait for it all to be over to consume it.

The quicker we can get to the next episode the better, and sometimes the seven days in between airing showings can seem like an eternity.

A lot of psychological research has focused on what is called “intertemporal choice.” Basically, people are given the option of a small reward in a short period of time (the Smaller Sooner option) or a large reward in a longer period of time (the Larger Later option).

When the options are valuable to the individuals, people often require a lot more compensation to wait.

However, waiting can be rewarding in its own right. There’s more than enough studies that suggests that a waiting period increases people’s perception of the value of an option, so that the Larger Later option is more valuable to people when they have to wait for it.

So if you’re using legal streaming services for your seasonal anime needs, but are still craving Kakegurui and Fate/Apocrypha (both of which won’t be legally airing until they’re completed) –  just remember that waiting for these titles will make them all the sweeter, and practicing patience on a whole is an important thing:

The Importance of Patience in Every Area of Life

Go Further Clearer-

Seasonal Prattle

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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due, Princess Principal Is Picking Up

This work is definitely an anime that should be appearing on more seasonal watchers radar, especially after its second showing. Initially, and as we touched upon last week, there was a notable amount of skepticism that critics had with this series – primarily panning its mixture of genre elements and execution on them. However, week two really alleviates all that and this well spoken piece does good to letting you know exactly why. So dig in and give this worthwhile read a look:

Princess Principal Episode 2 — Observation is Key

Koi To Uso – Sinking?

This episode felt like a step down given that its scripting made it perfectly clear exactly what grade of direction we’re dealing with – a rather used one. Episode three still was interesting, it just leaned too heavy on worn dynamics even as the actual plot remained relatively engaging. Despite our take, there’s still plenty of people enjoying this one and thus, plenty of content out there rallying for it:

Love and Lies Episode 3 Review: Overlooked Love

Rock Steady

Made In Abyss  just keeps holding steady, demonstrating remarkable control in its direction and storytelling. Kinema Citrus are manufacturing a great product, and it is damn satisfying to see it in action.

At this point, it seems strange to me that this is a one-cour show – the pace of character work and plotting here just seems much more appropriate for a twenty-something episode show. But there haven’t been any missteps yet, so I’ll trust they know where they’re going, and keep enjoying it as long as it stays this good:

Voices of the Abyss

Pretty Food, Pretty Characters, Pretty Mediocre Writing

Welp, Isekai Shokudou sure had another slow and lukewarm episode filled with conversations that weren’t particularly compelling. This work just seems to be meeting the bar of its genre space, providing a reasonable amount of comfort and charm but unfortunately not really motoring past that. It’s slightly disappointing, but honestly not that disappointing:

Isekai Shokudou – 03

Welcome To The Ballroom Remains Impressive

We had another top tier episode this past week, leveraging visual prowess and fine storytelling to deliver a product really worth consuming.  I really can’t say enough good things about this show’s control of tone – understanding exactly how to ease into its more light hearted bits and pull up perfectly when drama and tension encroaches. Let this fine piece inform you more on how this show is shining:


Are You Watching Knight’s & Magic?

It’s rare that we find well constructed articles on works that aren’t consensus hits among the community. Knight’s & Magic isn’t particularly impressive to us, but the following piece argues for the show’s strengths well – being concise and impactful down to the last line. Even if Knight’s & Magic isn’t on your watch list, we recommend that you give this one a read:

Knight’s & Magic and the Value of Transparency in Wish Fulfillment

Kakegurui’s Yumeko In The Spotlight

It should go without saying that Kakegurui remains one of the more attractive titles to watch this summer. Its writing is tight enough to maintain and breed audience’s attention, while its character work through Yumeko fills in most other gaps. Out of the pounds of content on this series that came out this week, we rummaged through and found a piece that illustrates what makes this series so magnetic – that being the lead herself:

Yumeko’s Twisted Insanity Makes Kakegurui Both Fascinating and Terrifying

Let’s Wrap This Up With A Bit Of Hero Academia

We really like straight to the point content here. No nonsense, no fuss just insight and well positioned thoughts packaged together in an easily consumable blog. Below is giving us all of that as our final entry for this week’s Clarity will take a quick look at My Hero Academia’s Hero Killer:

Understanding the Hero Killer as more than an obvious anti-villain

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