You know it when you’ve read it.

It’s that blog post, article or video, that changes you.

It touches you. You are so affected by its content you can’t help but share it.

We’ve all experienced content like this. But do we know why it affects us that way? That’s the question.

Because consistently coming across outstanding anime content to consume time and time again is what it’s all about as a striving fan seeking to deepen their understanding.

You’re aiming to recognize the anime content that is valuable, making people think and feel on a higher level.

And you’re aiming to create that very such content and meet those needs if you’re an anime content creator.

I believe that outstanding anime content takes a three-step tour.

And for both consumers and anime content creators, if we keep this tour in mind, we can craft an experience that will have a profound effect on this community we share.

1. The Eyes Is Where It Begins

The anime content tour starts with the eyes. By this, I don’t mean it starts with your audience reading your words / staring at your YouTube video if you’re an anime content creator.

Or if you’re a consumer, this doesn’t mean just looking at the pictures or the footage in front of you.

“Starting with the eyes” means starting with design.

Your readers and viewers see the overall presentation of your information before they read a single word and before they see a single frame.

This means the use of colors, fonts, formatting, and visual hierarchy to entice your audience and for consumers to enjoy is of utmost importance.

Good design makes a promise. It says “I’m on your side, and I’ve got your best interests in mind. The information here is easy to read and view, it can be trusted. Proceed with confidence.”

Anime YouTubers and bloggers put plenty of creative thought into their videos, blogs and sites for a reason.

If you’re a consumer looking for outstanding anime content, seeing a well designed presentation should be taken as a healthy sign.

If you’re a creator and you get your design right, your readers or viewers will move on to the next step in the tour, and they’ll begin to consume more.

If you get it wrong, the tour will end right there. They’ll click away, or close out the window.

It’s a sad truth but most anime content consumers rather not read or frequent a messy blog. They rather not watch poorly edited videos or visit clumsy Youtube channels.

So start with the eyes.

As a content creator, use pleasing designs to invite your audience in, and to convince them to spend time with your material.

As a content consumer, look for these signs of care and passion. I’m sure your likelihood of finding outstanding anime content to consume will increase.

2. Now We Go To The Mind

The second stop of the tour involves the content itself: the information you’re presenting.

As a content consumer, you’re looking for quality insight. Something you can really sink into.

As a creator, your content should be engaging and presented in a way that’s easy to absorb.

Callum does a wonderful job with this in his studio spotlight series.

If you don’t make videos but blog, spend time working on a headline that draws your reader in.

Write subheads that guide them through your text like signposts. Break up your text with bulleted lists.

Pull out important parts of your information and use block quotes to emphasize them. Incorporate images that engage the viewer and add to the meaning of your words.

Attention to both your content and the way you break it down, polish it up, and present it will help your words take a direct path to your audience’s minds.

And as an anime content consumer myself, I can say this would be greatly appreciated.

And that’s half time.

Next stop on the tour? The heart.

3. We Get To The Heart

The most outstanding anime content presents information in a way that touches emotions too.

As an anime content consumer, we want something that’s going to resonate with us.

Something that incorporates the passion and drive that the creator had on full display when making their piece.

Anime content that emphasize our common human experiences and emotions are the ones we remember.

We all know what it feels like to be bullied or looked down on. We’ve all felt insecure from time to time. And we’ve all had the experience of working hard and achieving a long-term goal.

When you incorporate pieces that knit together experiences we’ve all had, your content will go straight from the eyes, to the mind, to the heart. And it will stay there, and be remembered.

Yuri!!! on Ice resonated with a lot of people when it aired sure, but few anime content creators packaged it together in a diligent manner that captured its emotive power.
Content that lands on the heart is content that gets shared. It gets people talking. It’s the definition of outstanding.

Outstanding anime content takes your audience on a tour and it’s what consumers would love to consume.

So let’s do our anime community a favor and start engaging the eyes, mind and heart. Let’s really give our love and attention to celebrate and create anime content that’s outstanding.

Let Me Know What You Think!

Did I miss anything? Do you have any other steps on the tour? Comment below and let me know!

7 thoughts to “The 3-Step Tour of an Outstanding Piece of Anime Content

  • demigod365

    This how to series is getting more interesting ? and definitely informative.
    Thanks for sharing those views, ofc I think most people will agree with those 3 points.
    I would like to share my view here, I love reading blogs and anime content in general after all. So if whatever people write are taken as pizzas (those mostly follows your 3 points) , then my personal choice for toppings are *fun and entertainment *, well as I said it’s my personal choice, everyone has their own choice for toppings, right? ✌..
    So those make my day, honestly ?. And most of the people I follow serve me pizzas with toppings ??

    • Prattle

      I’m glad it’s informative to you! That’s an interesting way to put things as pizza toppings. Thanks for sharing Demi 🙂

  • Karandi

    Very nice advice. I like that in the mind section you talk about making it easy to absorb. THere’s been one or two posts I’ve come across where the points made have been excellent but I’ve had to read the post two or three times to figure out what was being said. Then of course there are posts where you get to the end and wonder if anything was said. Thanks for sharing.

    • Prattle

      You’re welcome Karandi 🙂

  • LitaKino

    I’ve been reading and enjoying your anime critique segment posts you’ve been doing lately. You hit the nail on the head with all of it, I realise after reading some of them I know what I can do better for my blog and content just to catch the eye of people. I’ve been inspired by so many others it’s hard to start of what I want to try next. One thing that frustrates me when blogging or YouTube is being generic like everyone else but it’s so hard now a days to stand out from the crowd. It’s something for a long while I have tried to rut myself out of but still have not found that something that could make me stand out from all others. I’m happy with the content I put out now than when I first started blogging. But all trial and error awesome post prattle 👍🏼👍🏼

    • Prattle

      “One thing that frustrates me when blogging or YouTube is being generic like everyone else but it’s so hard now a days to stand out from the crowd.”

      Agreed. It’s certainly tough to stand out in our community, especially considering how saturated it can be at times. I’m looking forward to see how you grow both in YouTube and blogging as I’m sure you’ll shine with new ideas in the months to come.

      • LitaKino

        Yeh I’ve got some ideas in the mix while incorporating my blogs posts in videos should give me more than enough ideas


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