Have you ever read an anime review, listened to a podcast episode, or watched a video from an Ani-Tuber and thought:

“I sort of get what this person is saying — and I think I agree — but it’s difficult to follow and connect with their main points.”
Unfortunately I had that displeasure a few days ago when I was visiting anime sites to assemble last week’s Clarity.

When content consumers have reactions like that, it delays them from sharing your content and subscribing to get more — ultimately increasing the chances that the content will be forgettable.

Conversely, when your content resonates with your target audience, your platform becomes a resource those individuals will remember and return to.

If you want your reader, listener, or viewer to really engage with your content, rather than hesitate and move on, incorporate the following two factors into your content creation process:

  • Meaning
  • Intrigue

Simple right? Unfortunately few anime content creators are actually utilizing the factors like they think they are.

So if that happens to be you,  let’s just take a moment and unpack this a bit:

Meaning And Intrigue

Meaning: This is the informational aspect of your content that your regular readers, listeners, or viewers expect from you. This is also a topic that matters to the prospective audience you’re trying to reach through social media sharing.

Another way to think of this important aspect of your content is relevance. Content must be highly relevant to your existing and prospective audience, but I prefer meaning, as it implies an extra level of value that makes people treasure you.

Intrigue: The intriguing element of your content is where your creativity shines. It’s the fun, shocking, or entertaining aspect of your content that makes people pay attention and share with their friends and colleagues.

Often you’re using an angle to make an associated connection between something interesting and an important topic that might otherwise be pretty boring.

Not only does this attract and hold attention, it also aids in comprehension and retention for your audience, which in turn increases your subject-matter authority with them (because they actually learn something).

Here’s an example from Mechanical Anime Reviews  (meaning in italics, intrigue in bold):

Failure is important (in anime and life)

This next blog post from Fujinsei  spiced up a top list with a dose of intrigue:


It’s pretty easy to spot the meaningful and intriguing elements in that one, even without the bold and italics right?

Don’t Fear Intrigue

Many anime content creators, especially those who are strictly bloggers, are afraid to go out on a limb and throw in that intriguing aspect. I’d argue that these are the types who have the most to gain from breaking out of stodgy convention.

You can get a lot of mileage out of hooks, pokes and inside references that are completely in tune to your audience. Remember, you shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks other than those who you make content for.

And from post to post, you may only bond strongly with a small segment of the people who digest your material. One article speaks strongly to some, the next to others and that’s fine.

The point is to bond strongly with someone rather than boring everyone.

Ultra-Meaning Can Be Intriguing

It’s true that you can intrigue people with an overwhelming amount of relevant meaning, to the point that it becomes intriguing in and of itself. This approach tends to be in the realm of content on the more analytical anime side that get popular on sheer value alone.

The key to this type of engaging content is specificity. The more specific the value you promise and provide, the more intriguing people deem it.

Check out these examples:

All these pieces do a great job of delivering on their specific promises and thus, are immensely more intriguing to the particular segment of individuals who would seek them out. Hopefully you feel the same way about this article.

Yes, This Is Also How You Write Great Headlines

In each example I’ve given, you can spot the intersection of meaning and intrigue from the headline alone.

That’s why meaning + intrigue = the secret to engaging content and great headlines.

Remember, the title of your article is simply a compelling promise of what your anime content offers. When I say “write your headline first” in any of these articles, I mean come up with an intersection of meaning and intrigue, reduce it to a working title, then deliver on the promise by crafting the content.

If you find you can’t deliver on the promise, you’ve got to scrap that idea and find another.

One last word, don’t let this be an excuse for you to fall into the habit of pushing out terrible clickbait headlines. There’s a fine line between an attractive, genuinely intriguing headline and one that’s just flat out desperate for attention by being baity.




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  • sonicsenryaku

    I found meaning within this post and i was intrigued throughout my read of it……what an awfully convenient coincidence huh?

    • Prattle


      Glad you found it intriguing Sonic


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